Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year to Pine Needle Quilters!

Here's to wishing all our members and readers a Happy New Year!  We wish everyone good health, good friends and many finished UFO's.

New Year's Day means new Mystery Quilts that start on the first day of the year.  You can follow along with one on About.Com Quilting.  You can start this tonight and tomorrow you will find more instructions to keep sewing this mystery.

Merry Mayhem at Planet Patchwork always has a New Years Mystery and you can follow along all day with this one.  I did make one of these myself a few years ago and it was a lot of fun. (and mysterious...).

Bonnie Hunter started a mystery quilt in November and you can start to follow this one too.  She posted every couple of weeks or so.  She is definitely the queen of scraps and has such great ideas for them.  Here is a link to another of her mystery quilts called Celtic Solstice and it is still available.  Love all things Celtic.

Stay warm and plan for a super 2014!  Diana

Friday, December 27, 2013

It's Over and Now What Do We Do?

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and had a wonderful time with family and friends.  Now that it's over, it's a great time to slip on some boots and go for a walk and clear the head.  Of course, the fingers can suffer from the cold so go check out ARMOMMY for a diy on sewing finger warmers.  I think the grandkids would benefit from these and so simple.

For the perpetually organized, I would love these pouches for patterns that you have printed from the internet or just for those you have lost the bag for. Zaaberry has a nice detailed tutorial for these.(and so pretty too)  For those welcoming babies into their families, these hats are so sweet. Love the one with the ears.

Okay, I love anything using charm squares and this is as cute and fast as it can get.  These corner bookmarks are just the greatest.  Craft Buds has the tutorial for these, kids would love them, grandmas and any reader would appreciate them.  Many e-readers were received this Christmas and how about a pouch for them?  And where did they find the polka-dot zipper?

Have a great weekend.   Diana

Friday, December 20, 2013

Eye Catching Quilts

Maria Elkins lovely blue Teacup Quilt really caught my eye. The fact that it was a guild challenge is interesting as I've always found the challenges to push me into new directions. The Teacup Quilt's monochromatic theme is really beautiful and is an often overlooked way to coordinate fabrics.
Throwing in a bit of spring fever by showing you this apiary quilt called Honey Honey.  It's just the cutest and wouldn't it be the greatest way to use up some scraps.  This quilt is designed by Kate Spain for Moda.
The next one is called Flying Colors II by Laurel Burch. These are some pretty butterflies and once again, it could be a great scrap quilt.
I may have featured this last year but it is just so cute so take a look at Red Brolly's Christmas Wish Quilt. Each block is cuter than the next.  The Santa is my favorite. But who wouldn't love Brutus opening the gifts. This reminds me of a dog we had who opened all the cherry cordials under the tree while we were at a Christmas program.  She ate them all and even left the little paper cups behind, luckily she went outside and got sick or I think all that chocolate would have killed her!  Just one of those Christmas memories I guess.
Take care and have a great weekend.  Hope you have your shopping done.  Santa's workshop,in my house, is still busily assembling and sewing and embellishing.   Diana

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Great Video and Disappearing 4 Patch

The Missouri Quilt Co. is such a great site and her videos are the best.  Hope you like the one that I just put on about the Wedge Star.  If you sign up for their emails, you get a daily deal from them which are very pretty and the prices are great too.

Here is a link to a Disappearing 4-Patch, not sure if we've had this version before but I liked it. The blog is Andie Johnson Sews and she has tutorials and also books to her credit.  Have a great  one.  Diana

How to make the Wedge Star Quilt

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Poinsettias and other good things

I found a blog where she shows how to do machine binding with a flat felt seam foot.  The site is called A Woman A Day and she has a detailed account of how to apply binding in this manner.  I too am not crazy about doing bindings and a nice, faster method would be wonderful for most of the quilts I make.

Sew Kind of Wonderful has a pattern for a lovely poinsettia that is worth checking out. Just look at that pretty teal and white runner and then go down the page a bit and she has the pdf for the pattern.  Really  really pretty.

The soon to be New Year always brings to mind the dreaded word--organization.  My sewing room looks like a bomb fell in it right now and it definitely needs some organizing.  Moda has some tips for doing a little spiffying up of the room.  Good luck...Moda Bake Shop also has a tutorial for a quick stocking stuffer, hair scrunchies.  Love them. These were made by Karin of Cascade Quilts. She has a lot of nice quilts and also a tutorial for making pinwheels out of charm squares.  Enjoy these posts and have a nice day.   Diana

Friday, December 13, 2013

O, Jerusalem

The Daily Blog from the Quilt Show has a wonderful slideshow of quilts that were presented for an exhibition at the Houston show.  It's called the Many Faces of Jerusalem and is done by the Israeli Quilters Association.  I am first struck by the beautiful colors of these quilts and the many geometric shapes, then the influence of this city comes through in the quilts.  This is the first of two parts that they will show us and I hope you enjoy.  Diana

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Stockings and Reindeer Games

Our Christmas party is always a fun time isn't it?  What a bunch of fun loving ladies you are!

Not only fun loving, but warm and generous as well!  This year you made 60 Christmas stockings with stuffed animal tucked lovingly inside, to be distributed at our local hospitals this Holiday Season.  Thank you to all for your kindness!

Did I mention fun loving....and just plain silly sometimes!?!? 

Then there are the reindeer games....where nobody is left out!  I see we are even lucky enough to have a "Rudolph" in the bunch! 
Thanks for the fun times and wonderful friendships and memories made!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Spring? and Great Videos

How about a pretty spring-like project?  Don't Look Now has a lovely pillow that will make you wish for warmer temps, pretty flowers and birds.
Sue Daley has wonderful videos using English paper piecing.  Clamshells are so pretty and so are the applecore shape.  The videos I posted right below this post are really great to show you how to do these wonderfu hand pieced techniques.  I hope you enjoy. Diana.

Ep 7 How to Sew Applecores: Sue Daley's Shape Up English Paper Piecing S...

Ep 6 How to Sew Clamshells: Sue Daley's Shape Up English Paper Piecing S...

Monday, December 9, 2013


I loved looking at the pictures Laurie posted of our November show and tell.  Pine Needle Quilters are very busy quilters!  Now that the cold has really settled in, all those warm quilts are definitely needed.
Snowflakes were on my mind and recalling our beautiful snowflake quilt we made a couple of years ago, I decided to look at more quilts made with that lovely shape.
This quilt with it's lovely blues and purples was really attractive.  Imagine my surprise when I looked further on this site and saw the very same pattern that we made for our snowflake raffle quilt.
This is a stunning red and white quilt.  This was quilted by Angela Walters.  If you want to learn to quilt a snowflake, Susan Brubaker Knapp will show you some ideas.
This blue and white quilt  sparkles and shimmers. Here is a really cute snowman and snowflake quilt. In looking for the link to this quilt, I came across the maker's really Christmasy blog post.  I think you will enjoy looking at her decor.  The blog is called Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson.  What a pretty home!
Can't get over this stunning quilt made by Meg Baier. A single block  can work too.  This block by Craftsy is really pretty. How about a snowflake tree, very nice idea.
The colorful snowflakes on this quilt pattern offered by Joann Fabrics is different and very pretty.  If you click print this project, it does show how to make the snowflakes.  It's really a simple quilt of fabric strips with snowflakes appliqued.
I found a lot more flakes but hope this gets you thinking about this beautiful style of pattern.  Stay warm.  Diana

Friday, December 6, 2013

November's Show and Tell

Hope you enjoy these photos from our last months Show and Tell!  You sure are a busy bunch of ladies.  It is a long one, so enjoy!
OK, I think??? the above quilt is a soldier quilt made by Maggie?

Above and below, Deb has been very productive making charity quilts, Christmas quilts, and baby quilt!

Busy, busy Deb!

Also Deb has made a couple really cute and snugly floor mats for baby!  How sweet!

Above Toni models new hat.

Above Toni with her "Funky Tree", and below with a darling Sun Bonnet Sue quilt.

Kathy S. brought in a very large Double Wedding Ring quilt that she made for someone who ordered it at our quilt show last fall.  What a lot of work, and so striking!

Above Joan shows her Christmas tree wall hanging.  Below is quilted detail of frog that sits at base of tree!  The tree will be adorned with froggy ornaments!

Above Joan shows the bag that she made from a recycled denim dress.  She used the lovely existing embroidery to her benefit!  Below Carol shows her weekender tote.

Above Carol shows a 3 Yard Quilt, and below a very sweet Sesame Street baby quilt.


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cardinal Day

Today is going to be cardinal day.  Who doesn't love a cardinal and we'll start a cardinal show with this one. I love the three pieces of this wallhanging.   The Celtic Quilter has a group of birds.  A lovely paper pieced bird.
This stained glass style cardinal is very nice too.  I love the seed fabric she used. This is a great forest of birds. Here is a great cardinal on a fence post.  This one is for a machine embroidered cardinal quilt. This cardinal by Kaaren Johnston is a lovely hand embroidered pattern. Then I went to her wonderful blog and found a whole list of Freebies.  She has a list of First Friday Freebies Patterns you must check out.  Also, there are some great BOM that she list on the side bars.  You must check them out as they are very very nice.  Her blog was very enjoyable and full of traditional quilt ideas.
Hope you enjoyed this quilt show featuring cardinals.  Drive careful, my husband said there were a lot of cars in (and out) of the ditches yesterday.  Diana

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Great Party

The Elven Garden had a tutorial for one of my favorite blocks(and I have not ever made one) which is the Snail's Trail.  She shows us how to make a very pretty trail. I also love the sashiko that is featured here.

Not sure if I posted this before but Cloud 9 has a nice looking pattern for a leaf quilt.  It is called Turning Leaves. The simplicity of it is very pretty. They also have a whole page of tutorials for their fabric line.  Also, check out their Download page. Lots of ideas here.

What a great time we had last night!  Thank you for all the people who make our party the best each and every year.  Your energy, sense of fun and all your hard work is much appreciated by each member of the guild.  Thank you everyone for such a great time.   Diana

Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Party

Tonight is our Christmas Party at the Water's Edge at 5:30 with meal starting at 6:30.  Remember to bring your stocking too.
The Block of the Month for December will be Checkerboard. No half square triangles on this one!  The second block will be Four Corners. These are from Quilter's Cache.  Then we just have January left to do and then figure out a setting.  I'm not sure if I will have all of them printed for the party tonight as I am running out of ink in my printer and I might have to bring some to the January meeting.  At least with the above links, you can start sewing if you wish.
As for looking at some pretty things, how about Anna Marie Horner.  I love her fabric and found this cute pin cushion of her's. You will also want to visit this page of her's. I'm really liking this Love Emblem quilt and pillows just for a starter. So check out all of her projects.  See everyone tonight.  Diana

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, today is usually a very busy day in our house and this year is no different.  Before the flour starts flying and the oven is warmed up, I thought I'd wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  Also, here is some Christmas inspiration with a simple but cute advent calendar. Mary from the Tulip Patch has a great tutorial for Moda Bakeshop and also here is her blog.  Check out her Favorite quilts tab and also her tips and tutorials.  There is a lot to see and make.
Quilt Story has a tutorial for a sweet Winter Tree Table Runner, it's different and I like it.  I also popped over to Flamingo Toes for a look at all these tutorials.  If you're looking for some nice and fast Christmas gifts, this just might do it.  Have a great time with family and friends.  Diana

Monday, November 25, 2013

Contemplating the Stash (Fabric)

We all have tops waiting to be finished.  Melissa from Happy Quilting has some great videos to help you finish up those tops, runners, etc.  She has tips for getting the quilt ready to put under the machine, some applique and then some techniques for you to try.  Can 2014 be the year to finish up UFOs?  Can you believe we are facing a New Year?  Melissa also has a whole bunch of tutorials here .  Everything from ornaments to quilts to blocks.  I love the paper pieced tree, wouldn't it be great for Christmas and make them into pillows.
My list of "wanna makes" continues to grow.  I have started to make my "kits" again in an attempt to use up some fabric in my stash.  The kit is really a pattern or pattern from a magazine that I like, I round up the fabric from my stash and Zip lock it into the bag for future sewing.  When I get a chance to sew, I pull these kits out and start to cut, I might put it away for a while but keep it organized.  Then sew again when I get a chance.  It's helped in the past to get some tops done in this manner.
What are your tips to help get your UFO's done or to make use of our stashes?  Post them in the comments area please!  We could all use some help with our stashes.  Diana

Thursday, November 21, 2013

International Quilt Study Center & Museum

I had not heard of the International Quilt Study Center and Museum, located at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, until Rhoda sent me a package of information about this wonderful place.  Thank you for your contribution Rhoda.
Sometimes when we are traveling we pass right by amazing places like this, not realizing they are there, so store it in your memory banks, if you are passing through Lincoln, Nebraska, I think this would be a must see for a quilter!  I think it could also be wonderful as your planned destination, so put it on your "Bucket List".  They house the largest public collection of quilts in the world, an amazing 3,500 quilts from 25 countries! 
However, if you are not able to make it in person you can make it your ONLINE DESTINATION.  You can learn about care of your old fragile textiles, from cleaning, storage and quilt conservation.  You can also search their collection of quilts.  The thing I found most amazing was their Online Exhibitions!  The boasted 26 different Online Exhibitions, everything from Chintz applique, art quilts, log cabin quilts, quilts in old time photographs....I only touched the tip of the ice berg!  You should definitely check it out, and save this site as a favorite, as you will want to revisit it often! When you get to the site, just click on the EXHIBITION bar at the top of the page, then on the left side you will see ONLINE EXHIBITIONS....check it out, you will no doubt enjoy!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Great Times and Let's Sew

Our November meeting sure was a great time with all those wonderful raffle baskets, show and tell and then the Christmas demos.  Sure a super group of women.  Thanks to all who made items or make baskets for the raffle.
Just in case you weren't able to get October's BOM you can still access  them.  Axe and Churn is from Quilter's Cache as are all the remaining patterns.  World's Fair Puzzle is also from October.  November's blocks are Fall Fancy and Carrie Nation.
Quilt in a Day has a lovely Turkey tablerunner or Maple Leaf runner.  This can go both ways and isn't it pretty.  I think this is one of the nicest Thanksgiving quilt items I've seen.  Needle'n Thread has a great turkey embroidery to do. Here at Badbird is another turkey embroidery and he looks a little more surprised that he's so popular.
Michael Miller fabrics has an interesting quilt called This Way and That Way. It's amazing what you can do with a very different fabric.  To get the pattern, just go way down to the bottom of the page.  Have a great Wednesday and take time to sew at least a little bit.  Diana

Saturday, November 16, 2013

October Show and Tell

Here is some show and tell from our October meeting. 

Above Judy shows her Oakfield Challenge Quilt, and below her Snowman  quilt fresh from the quilter.

Carol D. above shows a dragonfly quilt, which is a donation for an orphanage in Honduras.
Kris shows a Star quilt that she assembled.

Sheila shows a Tiger Lily wall hanging.

A double wedding ring quilt that Peg obtained. 

Above and below Sue shows some little UFO projects that she has finished up.

Sue and her Chickadee Quilt.
Above  Terri shows a Zebra quilt, and below Terri has been busy making "critter blankies" and sweatshirts for all of her grand babies!

Above Malea shows a tote with a lot of neat pockets.  Below a Halloween wall hanging for her husbands "Man Cave."

As usual you have all been busy with your projects!  Can't wait to see the November Show and Tell!

Weekend Looks

Gina Martin has a cute quilt designed with her new fabric line and it is called Wrens and Friends .  I think  a lot of girls would like this quilt, big girls too.  There is an article about her in the Fat Quarter Shop blog.

I am crazy about Crazy Quilting and Linda Steele has some nice Christmas blocks done in crazy quilting.  Her ideas were really great and such a fun way to use these stitches. I also love the reindeer and sleigh.  Her details are incredible.

Here at Bubblestitch quilts are some  patterns for paper piecing.  Also, that winter scarf is very pretty. Here is a tutorial on paper piecing along with some tips so hopefully it will help brush up our pp skills.  She also has an Etsy and Craftsy shop with beautiful pp patterns available; the fox and the owls are really really sweet.  Have a great weekend.  Diana

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cold Weather Quilts

Are you always looking for that perfect needle?  I love straw needles but they won't do everything!  Here is a great article about hand sewing needles by Pretty by Hand. She has some great basic information about needles.
Take one of those embroidery needles and get after this sweet snowman embroidery from Lecien.  It's called Sparkling Snow and it's a cutie.  Lecien also has a nice Christmas pattern called Wish Upon a Star . Depending upon the fabric you use, this pattern could be used for more than just the holidays.

The Fat Quarter Shop has a blog called the Jolly Jabber.  They have some great posts and you should add it to your favorites.  Right now they are running a series on vintage blocks and will be featuring them with updated looks and great fabrics.  The first one featured is Sister's Choice and they have the free pattern plus a video for you to see how to make this block.  Also, go down the blog a bit past the Sister's Choice and look at the Christmas quilt called Decade the Halls.  It's to celebrate a decade in business with ten blocks and ten fabrics.  It's a great holiday quilt.
Had to add an extra quilt on the bed in this very cold weather that has come our way.  I have a Job's Tears as the top quilt and a log cabin on the bottom.  What's on your bed?   Diana

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"The Art Quilter III"

WOW....  Walls of Wittenberg.  Not so long ago, at one of our regular meetings, Blanche encouraged everyone to consider submitting a art quilt entry to "The Art Quilter III" exhibit at WOW.
You may find information about this exhibit here.  There is still some time to whip up a wonderful work of art for this exhibit, as it runs January 25 through February 16.  Best to check the schedule, if you plan to attend though, as I believe it only runs on Saturdays and Sundays.
The show also features talks by Sharon V. Rotz of Mosinee.  Some of you may remember that some years ago we had Sharon as a teacher, lecturer.  Also speaking will be Louise Schotz. 
So, consider entering the exhibit!  If you are looking for something to do in the midst of the winter, (who isn't?) you might like to go listen to these inspiring ladies speak!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Two Lovely Quilts

The blog, Ann & Will, has a tutorial for a simple but very striking Braided Stripe Braid Quilt.  I love this one, can you see it in red, white and blue?

Fabrics and Flowers has an incredible tutorial for a fan block.  This is just too pretty. This is a two part tutorial.  This just has too many possibilities.  Happy Monday.  diana

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Advent Calendars

Christmas is fast approaching...I don't need to tell you that.  With the beginning of the Advent Season, the count down to Christmas Day will soon begin.
If you are thinking about making an Advent Calendar, there is still time to get that done, but best hurry!
I found a very sweet Scrappy Christmas Tree advent calendar at Ellison Lane.  A fun way to use up some of your scraps, and as you can see, they don't necessisarily need to be Christmas fabrics.  Also there is fun Advent Calendar at Skip to my Lou, where the calendar pockets are made to look like gift tags that are fastened to rick rack with bright red clothespins!  What's not to love about that!  Sew Mama Sew offers a Advent Calendar.  Go to the site and you will see an Advent Calendar PDF Tutorial, as well as number templates that you will use on your calendars pockets. 
Such fun and creative ways to begin the count down to Christmas!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lucky Member Wins Raffle Quilt!

I think there is something in the water around this part of the world, but some of our members sure do have some good luck with winning raffle quilts!
Carol R. won the raffle quilt a couple weekends ago from the Treasure's of Tomorrow Quilt Show at Marshfield.  Do you also remember that Evie won that same shows raffle quilt last year?!  What are the odds of that I wonder?  Also, one year Deb won our guilds raffle quilt!  Has anybody else ever won a quilt?

Carol is pictured above with her lovely prize.  She brought it in to our Monday Sewing Session for a little "Show and Tell".  Congratulations Carol!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Houston Quilt Festival

The Quilt Show has a wonderful slideshow of the winners at this year's Houston Quilt Festival.  Get a cuppa something and sit back for pictures of the beautiful quilts, it's kinda like being there.  I saw a lot of hand quilting and some traditional techniques to make some not so traditional quilts, like the kangaroo quilt.  I found that pretty amazing.

Ok, we all have an ironing board.  What does yours look like?  Are you proud of it?  Cotton Way had an ironing board makeover project and posted the winner.  I certainly love the organizer for the ironing board too.

Me and My Sister Designs has a whole lot of free patterns.  They have a lot of ideas. Take a look at all their patterns, there's a lot to love. Have a great weekend.  Diana

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bunny Hill and a BOM from Mad About Patchwork

I really love Bunny Hill Designs.  When she was doing free BOM's, I did one of them and loved it.  She still has some sweet free patterns and check out her regular patterns too.  The cute snowman ornaments are simple and nice.  I also loved the Kitty Corner quilt. She does a lot of embroidery and this applique for Christmas is very beautiful.  The colonial houses are very different in the Christmas scenes.  If you like embroidery, you will like I Believe in Snowmen.  Also, Christmas Wheels is most charming.

Mad About Patchwork is an online quilting store.  They are starting a very striking BOM in October so we're not too far behind if you want to do it.  It's called Cathy's Carousel.  Here is the link to the October block which is the big French braid in the middle.  This is a picture of the whole quilt, I told you it was sweet.

I attended the "mini" fabric sale that our members held on Monday.  There were some great deals there and I hope many took advantage of this.  It was nice to see so many busy ladies happily sewing.  I always get cheered  and inspired when I'm around our group! Also, I got to see Carol R.'s quilt that she won at the Marshfield Quilt Show.  Carol was lucky enough to purchase the winning ticket for their raffle quilt and it was a lovely version of the Farmer's Daughter blocks I believe.  diana

Monday, November 4, 2013


Who doesn't like those fluffy little circles of fabric we call yo-yos?  They inspire us to make entire quilts of them or to just add a few(or many) to embellish a quilt or a jacket.

Sew Take A Hike has a nice two part tutorial on the yo-yo. She shows how to use the Clover yo-yo maker.  Part Two show how to sew them together with a sewing machine.  I liked that idea as it can become tedious to sew them all together by hand.

Wild Flowers has a photo of a lovely white quilt with yo-yos  attached to the top.  This is such a sweet and clean look. Isn't this bedwarmer sweet?  It is from Annie's E Patterns. And you don't have to make thousands of them to make something nice.  I think everyone has seen this photo of Amy Butler's Bloom Quilt but I had to put it in this post.  It is just too yo-yo like to leave out.

Angry Chicken posted an over the top quilt from a Japanese magazine.  What a combination this is.  This pillow from MadMin is so pretty too.  Just scroll down a bit and look for that pillow.  Hope you enjoyed these creative uses of yo-yos and have a nice sewing day.  Diana

Sunday, November 3, 2013


As we look through the woods, most of the trees are becoming very bare.  Some trees hold tight a little longer but for the most part, the tree skeletons are showing and so is the lay of the land.  This is one of my favorite times to be in the woods.   All the trunks and branches are exposed and they are certainly lovely and inspiring.  I wanted to scoot around the web and find some tree blocks and quilts as inspiration also.

Hyacinth Quilt Designs has a very pretty scrappy tree that she made.  I love the fact that all the leaves are different.  Here is a photo of a lovely tree with a dark background.  Trees don't have to be tree colors!

This is a picture of a quilt of many trees and look closely, some gnomes.  This is a sweet idea, love the circles.  I'm not sure who to give credit to for this one.  After looking at it closer, I think it's watercolor but couldn't some of these ideas be put into fabric.

Ellison Lane has a cute tree block tutorials.  I think trying out some new colors with this simple pattern would be fun.  I think I might have posted this one before but I come back to Comfort Stitching girl in the tree swing. Craft Passion has this cute little fella singing in a tree branch and it's a tutorial too on this one.

Cynthia Shaffer has a sweet family tree, with tree branch hanger. Here is a picture of Silver Light, a truly lovely tree quilt , just scroll down Juicy Bit's blog and you will find it. The Sketch Book Challenge has a picture of a lovely Tree of Life.  As a final link, here is a page of Denise Miller's lovely bare trees.  The sun is out for a while today, maybe, take a walk and look at some trees.  diana

Friday, November 1, 2013

Sheila's "No Measure" Binding Tutorial

There are many different types of quilters aren't there?  And, with that said, I am sure that there are many different techniques that we use to join our binding ends.  At our October meeting Sheila showed us her no measure way to join binding ends.  This method will work no matter what width you cut your binding strips.  To help refresh your memory, we have put together a photo tutorial. 
First when you are making your binding press your beginning binding (shown in red) on a 45degree angle as shown above.  When you begin sewing on your binding, leave a 10 inch (or so) tail.  This will allow some slack to be able to join your ends later.  Stitch your binding down around your quilt, stopping a foot or so from your beginning binding.

Next, take your ending binding (which is shown in the cream floral print), and insert it into the beginning binding.  Fold your end binding over even with the edge of the beginning binding as shown.  Crease the fold.

 Okay....don't be afraid when you see the scissors.  Just go ahead and cut the end binding where you creased it!

Now put your binding ends right sides together as shown.  Be careful not to twist them. Line up nicely and pin together.  You will see where you ironed the crease in your beginning binding.  How convenient, this has now become your stitching line!  Just stitch on the line.

Finish stitching your binding down.  You have successfully joined your binding ends with no measuring!

Thumbs up!  You did it!
Sheila & Laurie

Thursday, October 31, 2013

More Christmas

Okay, I probably won't have time tomorrow to post so when I found some more stockings for Christmas, I thought I'd send them your way.  A Little Gray has this Abominable Snowman Stocking. It's just too much, I think I have to make one.  I also loved the Buddy the Elf Tree skirt.  There are many fans of the "Major Award" Leg Lamp Pillow and now you can sew your very own!. Charlie Brown is a favorite for Christmas and these ornaments are so nice.  Here is the page with all the Christmas stuff from Olivia Jane Handcrafted . They are inspiring and I'm so thankful that the designers share with us.  Have a nice Friday.  Diana

Christmas Projects

Here is another Christmas stocking tutorial at Sew Like My Mom.  It's fat quarter friendly and aren't they cute.  I hope these tutorials are helping you get ready for our stockings for the children in hospitals.  December is coming quicker than we think.

Gingercake has a sweet Caroler for the season.  It looks like you could use recycled wools, etc. for this project.  She also has many many tutorials that you will like from aprons, potholders, to children's projects.  These trees are a great way to use up those trims we collect.

As a final for the day, I found a Polish quilter who offers a cute Christmas truck pattern.  It is paper pieced and really clever.  At the Sewing Under Rainbow site, you will find the instructions in Polish but also in English.  This deer pattern is great, one of the prettiest paper pieced items I've seen in a long time.  You should check out her tutorials.  Have a great Halloween and prepare for Christmas!   Diana

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Look Book Fun

Have you figured out what to do with all the beautiful new fabrics that are out there?  All those vibrant colors and patterns.  I love them and then I sit and stare at them and am a little unsure where they fit in.  Here is a great online Look Book that perfectly shows us how to use these fabrics, a lot of inspiration in a little space.  I actually love these little e books that I've found online, just a little click and you're onto the next page.  If you click on the links on these pages, they will take you to the pdf files for the patterns in this booklet.  It took a little long to load , it could have just been me, but if not be patient and they will come up.  I really loved the Bungalow quilt by Joel Dewberry.  This Look Book is put together by Rowan, Free Spirit and Joel Dewberry Impressions.

Stitchery Dickory Dock has such a cute tutorial for a tiny ruffled purse.  I found this while at Free Spirit.  These are just too sweet.

Here at 100Billion Stars , you will find a whole lot to look at.  The Roundabout Quilt is very nice.  There are also pillows, pin cushions, book covers, mug rugs, and even a soft Frog!  You will like visiting here.  Take the time to enjoy some sewing today, even ten minutes a day can add up quickly.  Diana

Monday, October 28, 2013

Jam or Marmalade?

Today I'd like Marmalade.  I love to visit the Moda Bake Shop site, remember our Lawn Chair Quilts, that's where they came from.  I liked this Marmalade Quilt because it appears to be an easy and fast way to use up those charm square packs that are so tempting.  I think this would also be a nice project to start with a beginner.

This Sunnyside Stars Quilt is a nice way to use those pretty large prints we always buy.  It's just large half square triangles.  And I love the sweet black lab in the photo...  Another thing, if you look at the quilt before quilting, you can see the secondary star pattern better.  That's a nice little surprise in the quilt.

Finally, I love, love this Family Tree pillow.  Maybe it's the tree, maybe it's the colors but it's a terrific look for the fall.  Stay warm and sew more.  Looks like some bad weather coming from the West.  Diana

Friday, October 25, 2013

Fun Weekend Stuff

The Marshfield Quilt Show is going on right now.  Are you attending?  It's always a nice trip over to the show and a great day to spend with friends.

I love aprons.  Really, who doesn't like these necessary little items for the kitchen and  for many other uses.  You can wear one while quilting and keep scissors, etc. in your pockets.  All the greatest aprons need a pocket.  I found a e-book at Craft Chat Eat that has 10 aprons, the e-book is free and all you have to do is sign up with only your email address.  You will receive an email with link to the aprons.  The e-book is quite beautiful and has instructions for these aprons and there is a great variety.  The Craft Chat Eat site has a lot of nice ideas and especially if you look at their Pinterest site.

We have our Christmas Stocking roundup coming and here is a tutorial for a stocking that was quite cute. Amy's Creative Side is a good place to visit for ideas.

Magnolia Bay Quilts has a nice tutorial for a 60 degree quilt block.  This looks like an interesting way to use up scraps.  Hope you all have a great weekend and find time to enjoy quilting.   Diana

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Red Roosters

I visited the Red Rooster Fabric website and what a treasure trove of patterns!  They have current and their retired patterns.  If you like the Elm Creek stories, you will like the patterns that coordinate with them.  Most of the patterns are free, some are not and are available in quilt shops as individual patterns or books.

Here is a link to a very pretty Christmas quilt.  It's called Here Comes Santa.  I'm not sure if you can find the fabric for the santas but it did come out this year and if not, don't we all have some santas in our stashes.  I know I do.

This pattern for Destiny was nice too and has a lot of movement to it.  It's the Berries has such a great setting that its worth checking out.  There's so much out there!!  So take the time to look through this site and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.  If you're looking for a new project, I bet you'll find it.  Diana

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Log Cabin Quilts and Such

I love the log cabin block.  What can't you do with it?  Here are some wonderful ideas , fifteen of them actually.  Please check them all out, you'll be inspired to get out your scraps and make a cabin.

Creative Ideas For You does have some great ideas.  This is the site where I found the New Wave quilt.  I especially like the Wonky Cross and the Birthday Cake quilt, wouldn't these make great soldier quilts.

You must visit Nancy Zeiman's blog.  She has a free pattern for a dove that is just beautiful.  You must look at all the variations made with this lovely bird.  What do you think of the God Bless America dove and the Merry Christmas dove?  Really nice ideas.  Also, while you're there, sign up for Nancy's newsletter too.

Take care and get sewing.  Diana

Friday, October 18, 2013

Some Weekend Projects

I had a couple granddaughters in the car the other day and one commented how the pencils were poking through a part of her school tote bag.  She commented that a pencil bag would be good.  I think so too and see a project, although small, in my future. Free Spirit Fabrics has a nice pattern  for a pencil bag and it looks simple too.  Just my idea of a good thing.  I just love the Free Spirit fabrics too.

I think we've had something similar before but how about sewing hexagons by machine. Tallgrass Prairie Studios has a great tutorial with information on how to do this.With some careful sewing, this looks like it could be done.  She has been featured before but is worth featuring again.

Here is a post at Canton Village Quilts with some great pictures of lovely quilts at a recently attended show. Enjoy the eye candy and have a great weekend.  Diana

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Videos to Watch

I have enjoyed viewing new blocks and techniques on the Quiltmaker Block Network.  This website posts a new episode on each Monday.  The videos are usually pretty short so you can quickly get ideas but provide enough information to easily sew a block or apply the technique to your situation.  I also liked how they showed alternate colorways and values when making the blocks to show what a simple fabric change will do in each situation.  This was a fun place to visit and I think I'll be back every Monday. This site also has some freebies and I found the settings for 12" blocks informative as we've been working through our BOM and will need to set them together.

Another site with great videos, and many of them, is Quilters Newsletter TV. These videos are about 10 minutes long and have a variety of subjects about quilting and people involved in the quilt world.  It appears that they present a new one each Friday.  These are worth watching when you have a some spare moments.

These should inspire you with new ideas this week.   Diana

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pumpkin Love

Pumpkins are everywhere this time of year.  Don't you want to make a pumpkin pin cushion?  Then go to Sew We Quilt  and look at these little cuties.  Actually, I want to pins in the cushion even more.  Too sweet.  If that isn't enough, then scroll down and look for the roosters and the rooster quilts.  All you chicken lovers will be pleased.

Have you even wondered how to properly fold your quilts?  Piece O'Cake has a great tutorial for a different kind of fold for storing your quilts.  I think I'll have to get all my quilts out and do them over.

The Patchery Menagerie has a simple technique for making a nice block.  Would be a clever and quick project.

Film In the Fridge has a cute quilt called Hooked Hexagons that makes great use of fat quarters and/or layer cakes.

Hope you enjoy these links.  Diana

Monday, October 14, 2013

We're Back

It's been a long time but it's time for new posts.  The gardens and canning are almost over, fall clean up is in full swing and winterizing is happening.  It was a great summer but went by in a flash.

New hours for the sewing sessions on the first Mondays of the month.  We now start sewing at 9:00 am so you can make it an all day event if you want.  Pack a snack, pack a lunch, get out those UFO's and join the group in sewing on those days.

I found a blog with a truly gifted hand quilter, he's Tim Latimer and you must look at his exquisite quilting. Just scroll down and see some of the beautiful quilts that he's working on and he does trapunto the old fashioned way.

Kitchen Table Quilting has some nice tutorials and quilt patterns.  I love the Simply Style Stacked Squares (say that three times!).

QuarterInch Mark is a blog with some great hand sewing and quilting projects.  She has a tutorial for a triangle pouch that is so cute and she hand quilts it!  Very nice.

I've seen Disappearing 9 Patch but not Disappearing 16 Patch until I visited Happy Quilting .  Melissa has Tutorials and then More Tutorials and also videos, many of which feature some quilting techniques for your home machine.

Happy Quilting and enjoy the great fall weather.

Monday, July 15, 2013

June Meeting Pictures


June's meeting of the guild was the month for our Chinese auction.  Much quilting and sewing items were cleaned from closets and storage tubs and then auctioned off.  A lot of fun and we all walk away with some goodies.

 We also showed a picture presentation from the past 10 years of the guild.
 This is a photo of the "founding members" of this guild.

 As usual, our show and tell was inspiring.  This is Toni with her practice white work quilt and then her Flag tablerunner.

 Here is Toni's BQ2 Flower quilt, so bright and lovely!

 This is MaLea with her two baby quilts.

 Peggy showed one of the bingo block quilts that will go to soldiers when all are finished.  They turned out really nice. Also, the back of the quilt is nice and has a great label.
 Barb brought her lovely Tea Pot quilt for us to see, a lot of work but well worth all that effort.
 Laurie is showing Kathy's baby quilt for her new grandson, embroidered farm animals.

 Can't see the face but I believe this is Carol D with her quilts, love the graphic design and colors.

 Kathy K is showing her beautiful pieced "Can't see the forest for the Trees" quilt.
 Carol has a beautiful Baby Pinwheel quilt is very soothing colors.
And this King's Crown quilt of Carol's was a knock out and so was the quilting!

As you can see, we had a great time last month.  Stay cool if possible, set your sewing machines by the fans and keep busy!  See you all tonight.   Diana