Monday, October 14, 2013

We're Back

It's been a long time but it's time for new posts.  The gardens and canning are almost over, fall clean up is in full swing and winterizing is happening.  It was a great summer but went by in a flash.

New hours for the sewing sessions on the first Mondays of the month.  We now start sewing at 9:00 am so you can make it an all day event if you want.  Pack a snack, pack a lunch, get out those UFO's and join the group in sewing on those days.

I found a blog with a truly gifted hand quilter, he's Tim Latimer and you must look at his exquisite quilting. Just scroll down and see some of the beautiful quilts that he's working on and he does trapunto the old fashioned way.

Kitchen Table Quilting has some nice tutorials and quilt patterns.  I love the Simply Style Stacked Squares (say that three times!).

QuarterInch Mark is a blog with some great hand sewing and quilting projects.  She has a tutorial for a triangle pouch that is so cute and she hand quilts it!  Very nice.

I've seen Disappearing 9 Patch but not Disappearing 16 Patch until I visited Happy Quilting .  Melissa has Tutorials and then More Tutorials and also videos, many of which feature some quilting techniques for your home machine.

Happy Quilting and enjoy the great fall weather.