Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Videos to Watch

I have enjoyed viewing new blocks and techniques on the Quiltmaker Block Network.  This website posts a new episode on each Monday.  The videos are usually pretty short so you can quickly get ideas but provide enough information to easily sew a block or apply the technique to your situation.  I also liked how they showed alternate colorways and values when making the blocks to show what a simple fabric change will do in each situation.  This was a fun place to visit and I think I'll be back every Monday. This site also has some freebies and I found the settings for 12" blocks informative as we've been working through our BOM and will need to set them together.

Another site with great videos, and many of them, is Quilters Newsletter TV. These videos are about 10 minutes long and have a variety of subjects about quilting and people involved in the quilt world.  It appears that they present a new one each Friday.  These are worth watching when you have a some spare moments.

These should inspire you with new ideas this week.   Diana

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