Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Let's Go Visit

My Quilt Infatuation is a colorful and fun site to get ideas and links to other creative quilters.  Here is a great list of tutorials, each one cuter than the next.  She also has many link parties that she participates in and its fun to check them out.

Karin Jordan Studios has a lot of modern ideas for quilts.  I really like some examples of her "big stitch" quilting and lots and lots of tutorials.  What about the drama of these blocks!  Also, check out her shop.

I think I've mentioned Better Off Thread before but be sure to check her out again.  I just love all the designs and need to make a few...

Quilts for Seniors Going to the Military

 Coleman graduates that received a quilt.

Wabeno graduates that received a quilt.
  Thank you to all of those that made quilts for our high school seniors that were going into a branch of service.  This year we handed out a total of 19 quilts to the following schools:  Seymour, Suring, Gillett, Coleman and Wabeno. 

  The staff that I worked with at each of these schools were so grateful that we think of these kids and can  not believe the beautiful work we do.   So know that you are appreciated.    Here are 2 pictures of some of the guys that received a quilt.
The newsletter will be late this week due to power outages in the Suring area with the storms.  Peg was without power for quite a while.  Hope we don't continue with all this scary weather!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Wonderful Ideas

Simple Simon and Co. is a great place to find quilty stuff and also cute things like little boys shirts.  The Peaches and Cream quilt looks so summery and not that difficult to do and uses 10" squares.  Here are tips for making better quilts.

U Create has a tutorial for the cutest camper quilt.  This is perfect for the month of June and making your camping plans.

The Willow Market is a lovely blog with many sewing ideas and patterns and quilting world information.  This tutorial about isosceles triangles makes a lovely quilt with one simple shape.  There is a lot to check out here.

The Family Hearth has some really cute baby item ideas and links to many more.  The tutorials are cute too, especially love the little spool pincushion.

Film in the Fridge has a lot of colorful ideas and quilts. The tutorials look like wonderful ways to use up scraps and smaller lengths of fabric too.  The Intersection Block looks like a lot of fun.

Our Monday sewing session was fun and a lot of cute strippy blocks were made and Terri even had a finish on her's!  Hope everyone considers coming to our sewing sessions each month.  Next one will be fun too.

Have a great weekend and stay cool in the upcoming heat wave.