Monday, January 25, 2016

Neckties and How to Use Them

As I'm trying to organize my quilting area a bit better, I come across some projects that are "haunting" me.  A bag of ties that I received from my Mother who received them from my Uncle who has now passed is one of these projects.  So these ties are pretty special and also quite beautiful as they are all florals which I am particular to.  I also happen to know that some of our members are "collectors" of ties and maybe this should be the year to do something with them.  I just happened to see a Sewing With Nancy segment where they made a very beautiful belt out of two ties.  It seemed like a great idea but I have no waist so not so good.  But for you slimmer gals, it would be worth looking up.  Here is a link with a picture of that pretty belt.

Anita's piecing and quilting tutorials also shows a very detailed way of washing, taking them apart and using them in quilts.  I hadn't really thought about washing them but I think it's probably a good idea.  After looking my ties over, they are all silk and really nice.  I wouldn't want them to shrink once they were in my quilts.  If you scroll down this page, you will see a beautiful blue and green silk tie quilt. My sister made a skirt out of ties, similar to this example, for her daughters.

This example reminds me of stained glass.  For a different layout of a Dresden style quilt, try this.  I never would have thought of an apron but it's quite lovely.  This New York Beauty is not for the faint of heart but oh so nice.  Here is a cute one on Cindy Blackberg's site.

Would you ever throw a tie scrap away or just one lonely tie?  Heck no so Melissa from Polka Dot Chair will help you with that.  These would be nice gifts for guys and those are hard to find for sewing.  Hope these will inspire you to drag out that bag (or two or three) of ties and get using them.  Diana

Friday, January 15, 2016

Eleanor Burns Fun

Are you going to be sitting around this weekend watching NCIS reruns?  Gets a little old but there are alternatives.  Eleanor Burns has a wonderful bed turning on youtube that is loaded with vintage quilts and their stories.  Also, she gives us a load of information about our first "star" quilt designers.  You can find this here.  There is a bit of a pause before the video starts at the beginning so be patient, she will come on.
Have a great weekend.  Diana

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year Pine Needlers!

Are we recovering from the Holidays yet?  Have your made some goals for the New Year?  I hope they include quilting goals.

Have you visited Bonnie McCaffery's youtube videos?  You really should check out all her interviews that she does with recognizable personalities of the quilting universe.  I found a really unusual one today.  It's with a Canadian lady quilter named Dominique Ehrmann and her quilts would really inspire out member, Debby.  Do you recall Debby's presentation on pop- up books?  This lady will take that a step beyond into the quilting world. The video is worth watching.

Here is a witty little saying for those who must sew.  I hope this link works for you.  I think we can relate to this one too.

Are you thinking a Block of the Month might be in your 2016 quilting year?  Amy Gibson from Stitchery Dickory Dock has just started one and the first block looks pretty.  She also has some great tutorials and a shop with lovely patterns to chose from.
This month our "mystery" question will be, "What kind of books are Dominique Ehrmann's quilts inspired by?"  The answer is pop-up books.  We will be asking that question at our next guild meeting and a name drawn for a prize.  Stay warm and keep stitching.  Diana