Monday, January 31, 2011

New Quilt Shop

 Quilting Divas Sewing Boutique is a new shop located at 445 Cardinal Lane in Green Bay. If you have not yet checked it out, please do so. 
 The bright and roomy shop is welcoming, and features a spacious classroom as well.  They offer many classes, from beginner to advanced.  Something for everyone.  You will also find many fresh ideas of ways
to display your quilts in your home, using the nice assortment of hand crafted quilt racks, hangers and ladders
that are featured in the shop.

 The shop carries a nice assortment of the ever popular purse patterns and a wonderful display of samples as well. 

 Each month the sewing boutique features a different quilter on their "Honorary Diva" wall.  Above you will see the lovely quilts that were made by Anne Klein, who was featured for the month of January.   For the month of February our guild member, Diana, will be recognized as "Honorary Diva"!  Congratulations!

Owner, Terry LaLuzerne, mentioned that one of our guild members had been in the shop looking for bear fabric.  Whoever you are, she'd like you to know that she now has a nice "sophisticated" looking bear panel in, as well as a nice assortment of companion fabrics. 
 Some of the beautiful hand turned bowls for sale in the shop.  Wouldn't they make nice gifts?

As you leave the shop, this "Quilting Diva" will bid you farewell and bring a smile to your face!  Laurie

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Announcement from Deanna regarding February Sewing Session

We will be having our Sewing Session on February 7 starting at 1:30 pm.  Deanna asks that this message be passed along to those who are attending this month:

I will be bringing sloppy joes to the sewing session.  Can others bring something to go along with this?  Send me a reply with what you'd care to bring and I'll keep a list so we have a variety and not that everyone brings the buns!!!!   I will also have the plates, forks, napkins, but bring your own beverage.  Also if there are others that I don't have in this e-mail please pass the word and have them get back to me.  Really has been a dry spell of seeing everyone with having the weather not cooperate for the last meeting.  Hopefully that will change.    Deanna

So if you are bringing something for the session, email Deanna.  Thanks.

Leaving a Comment

Thank you for the interest in our blog!  Several people have mentioned about leaving a comment and figuring out how to do it.  If you're not used to visiting a lot of blogs and commenting, this could be foreign to you but its easy.  At the bottom of each blog post, you will see  comments.  Click on that and it will open up to a box where you can type your comment.  Then you will have to pick how you will post your comment by clicking on the window right below your comment.  It will show you  Google account, Typepad, etc and anonymous.  If you have a gmail account, you have a Google account and you can use this to sign in and comment.  If you have no accounts set up, you can still comment by simply doing it anonymously.  Please put your first name in the comment section though so we know who you are unless you truly want to remain anonymous!!  A scrambled word thing will come up for you to enter, thats to keep spam off of our comment section and yes, they do spam blogs too.  Then you can post your comment.  Its not too hard and you can use the comment area to add some info if you'd like or just pump us up with a lot of praise.   Diana

Friday, January 28, 2011

Bobby Socks Quilt Company

If you haven't checked out Bobby Socks Quilt Co , please do so.  She has some lovely designs and is nice enought to offer a BOM to do in redwork or bluework or blackwork or whatever "work" you're into.  I have downloaded all my months but I think she will take them off shortly and they will no longer be free.  For 2010 it has been all about fairytales and they are as cute as can be.  So check out her site, take her virtual house tour too as its very neat, and then click on free redwork and you can download those patterns.  I'm not sure if she will offer a new BOM this year but if she does, we will add a link on our sidebar.   Diana

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A New Adventure For Pine Needle Quilters

A new year, a new idea and here we are.  As a new resource for our group, Laurie and Diana have volunteered to set up a blog and use this as a venue for almost all the information for our group.  After we get this set up and the bugs worked out, we hope to offer a lot of current information and with the capacity to change it quickly and as needed. 
In the future, we hope to offer links to Block of the Month programs offered on the web, upcoming quilt shows, locations and links to local quilt shops, and fun places to visit both in reality and on the web.  Also, we want to feature our ongoing projects such as our Mystery Quilt sponsored by Deanna, soldier quilts, challenges, demos and possible tutorials.  A wonderful feature of this blog could also be photos from our glorious show and tells that we have each month, we plan on getting pictures and using them on this blog.
We can also use this blog to update on progress of our own quilt show and we think it will be very helpful for that.
Now we need your help on this too.  We would like photos of your quilts that have been entered in shows, quilting adventures such as your retreats, or trips to quilt shows or shops.  We need you to keep us updated on shows, interesting links, BOM programs, and information from our subgroups such as the Pint Sized Ladies and Kathy's Flower Girls.  Really,this blog is what you help us make it.  
One of the nice features of a blog is that you can leave comments.  So please do that.  Also, if you go in our profile, you will find an email address to send information and photos to.
We would like to thank Rita for her work on our previous website, it was a great experience.  Also to those who kept up lists of BOM's, those who worked on the newsletter and to those who contribute so greatly to our guild.