Friday, March 31, 2017

Use That Fabric!

Here are some fun places to visit this weekend while we're waiting for some nice weather.  A Quilting Life is a great blog and this lady uses a lot of scraps which is what I'm always interested in. She has a lot of cute smaller projects too and has ideas of how to organize.

Generations Quilt Patterns is one of those sites where you have to spend a lot of time.  There are so many links here that you will find interesting.  Many lovely block patterns are available and just a ton of stuff for beginners too  or anyone wanting to sharpen up some skills.

I know I've directed you to In Color Order before but it's always worth a second look.  This young lady is so nice, I really liked her "about me" page.  Her tutorials are exceptional, love that New York Beauty! Also, all the pillows and decor.  She has many patterns for sale and also a book.

Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine has a good site too.  They have many free patterns and ideas , wow is all I can say.

Have a great weekend and sew something.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March Meeting

All who attended the March meeting learned a lot of interesting things about thread!  Thanks to Laurie P. and Diana for putting together a great demo.  If you are interested in Superior Thread you will find a lot of information here.  Also some place you might purchase threads are Linda's Electric QuiltersSew Thankful, and for the Glide Fil-Tec thread, go to Bobbin Central.
Enjoy the Show and Tell Below!
Above are the gals that finished up their quilt as you go runners from the Saturday sewing day, and below are four quilts that will be given to veterans.

Below are two quilts to be going for newborns in Africa.

Next are a few others for gifts and a sweet little jacket for a soon to be great grand daughter!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy National Quilting Day!

Tomorrow is National Quilting Day.  Our baby quilts are at the hospitals for the first baby born tomorrow and also we have our wonderful get together at the Town Hall for sewing, celebrating, learning a new technique and just the realization of how lucky we are to be together in the moment! Our passion for quilting brings us together and that is something special.  Laurie and I will try and get photos tomorrow so the "snowbirds" can  be with us in spirit.

We are also very lucky this weekend in that The Quilt Show is letting us see over 220 show for free for three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  So join if you haven't, you can set up a free account if you don't want a paid account and just pick out something you're interested in, get a cup of coffee and snuggle in or even better yet, set your laptop next to your sewing machine and keep sewing.

Remember, to bring your supplies for tomorrow.  A walking foot is important for the quilt as you go project and anything else, cutting supplies and pressing items and any food you signed up for and drinks.  Hopefully, the snow will stop.  

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wonderful Textile Artist

Amanda Richardson is a true textile artist from Cornwall.  If you love textile and flowers, you'll just love her work.  She dyes and paints her fabric and uses a collage method to achieve such lovely creations.  Here is also a video of her studio in Cornwall.  I wish I could see these up close!


This morning I am only posting one link.  I found it most interesting and hope you will take the time to read it if you wish.  Quilting is fun and fulfilling because of all the wonderful ideas and ways of looking at the world but this left me a little puzzled.

I have found a lot of creative places to visit again and will post them a little later. Try something new today, just a small project and let yourself have some fun.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Snow Day Ideas

Sew So Easy has a wonderful article about the history of the sewing machine and how it evolved into the little machine we couldn't live without.  Have you ever thought about all the work of sewing clothing by hand for your family and household let alone piecing a quilt for every bed?  Back in the 70's, I hand pieced one quilt.  All the seams at the intersections of the seams have popped apart after a few years of use and washings.  Not a pleasant sight and certainly not what you want happening.  It was a queen sized error on my part as I found out my stitches were not tiny enough.  So a machine that sews well and consistently is a wonderful thing.  The ladies of Sew So Easy also have some cute ideas for St. Patty's Day.  Most of them look quick too so you could whip them up for yourself or grandkids.   I've been eyeing up that Easter Egg too and the Bunny.  Maybe it will warm up someday so the rabbit will decide to come to northern Wisconsin.  We have snow outside this morning.

I know I've showed us Diary of a Quilter before but Amy is worth a frequent visit.  Her articles on the projects she's working on or finished are inspiring as are her tutorials.   Such good ideas here.  Her shop with patterns should be looked at, most are available as instant gratification PDFs.

Happy Quilting Melissa is a great place to visit and every Tuesday she has a giveaway!!!  So comment on her post about that and maybe win something.  Melissa has tutorials and more tutorial, (love the Star Spangled runner) and videos and patterns for sale.  So spend some time looking about.

I was going to upload some photos from our show but blogger and my computer don't like each other today so I will try another day.  It's a snow day so do some sewing!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Familiar Places

What about that wind?  Pretty scary and many of us were without power at one time or another.  I'm grateful for my wonderful electricity and being able to power up my sewing machines and even more important, my lights.  Nothing like sitting in the dark with a needle you can't use.  Anyway, we all love Moda.  Moda Fabrics blog is probably familiar to you but worth checking out again.  They are starting a BOM called Block Heads and it looks very nice and you will recognize some of the designers of this quilt.  Actually, this is a Block of the Week so would that be a BOW, I'm just saying.  The Moda blog is always posting something so it's a fun read.  Their free and fun page is just that so check them out.  I love the Cake Mix Recipes, these are not desserts, they are quilt blocks.

McCall's Quilting blog is another familiar place but worth checking out.  Every Friday they are putting out a new pattern.  Check out those cute dresses.  Here are all their Friday freebies in one place. Have a great Thursday.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Yucky Weather? Keep Quilting!

Will it ever get warmer?  Will this sloppy snow and mud ever leave?  This is surely the worst part of the year and I'm feeling a little bit of the cabin fever.  One good thing, the sap should start to run and it's maple syrup time.  This is also close to St. Patty's Day and I found the cutest table runner.  We All Sew, the Bernina blog, is featuring a runner designed by Hummingbird Highway and it made with Scraps!  So really all the scrap hoarders, anyone who loves green and those off Irish descent could be very happy about this runner.  You still have time to get it done and use it too.

Hummingbird Highway also have a blog called Winging It! Scrap Therapy.  So check out her blog and website, she has some great things happening.

The Fort Worth Fabric Studio is another blog to take the time to read thoroughly.  The Spring Bunny tablerunner is a cute free pattern for another upcoming holiday.  The tutorials offer a lot of ideas and patterns too.

Today is sewing day at the townhall so hope to see some of you.  Here are some more show photos:

If I repeat some, ignore it as I close to 300 photos and forget what I upload sometimes.  Have a good quilty day.