Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy National Quilting Day!

Tomorrow is National Quilting Day.  Our baby quilts are at the hospitals for the first baby born tomorrow and also we have our wonderful get together at the Town Hall for sewing, celebrating, learning a new technique and just the realization of how lucky we are to be together in the moment! Our passion for quilting brings us together and that is something special.  Laurie and I will try and get photos tomorrow so the "snowbirds" can  be with us in spirit.

We are also very lucky this weekend in that The Quilt Show is letting us see over 220 show for free for three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  So join if you haven't, you can set up a free account if you don't want a paid account and just pick out something you're interested in, get a cup of coffee and snuggle in or even better yet, set your laptop next to your sewing machine and keep sewing.

Remember, to bring your supplies for tomorrow.  A walking foot is important for the quilt as you go project and anything else, cutting supplies and pressing items and any food you signed up for and drinks.  Hopefully, the snow will stop.  

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