Monday, March 6, 2017

Yucky Weather? Keep Quilting!

Will it ever get warmer?  Will this sloppy snow and mud ever leave?  This is surely the worst part of the year and I'm feeling a little bit of the cabin fever.  One good thing, the sap should start to run and it's maple syrup time.  This is also close to St. Patty's Day and I found the cutest table runner.  We All Sew, the Bernina blog, is featuring a runner designed by Hummingbird Highway and it made with Scraps!  So really all the scrap hoarders, anyone who loves green and those off Irish descent could be very happy about this runner.  You still have time to get it done and use it too.

Hummingbird Highway also have a blog called Winging It! Scrap Therapy.  So check out her blog and website, she has some great things happening.

The Fort Worth Fabric Studio is another blog to take the time to read thoroughly.  The Spring Bunny tablerunner is a cute free pattern for another upcoming holiday.  The tutorials offer a lot of ideas and patterns too.

Today is sewing day at the townhall so hope to see some of you.  Here are some more show photos:

If I repeat some, ignore it as I close to 300 photos and forget what I upload sometimes.  Have a good quilty day.

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