Monday, March 13, 2017

Snow Day Ideas

Sew So Easy has a wonderful article about the history of the sewing machine and how it evolved into the little machine we couldn't live without.  Have you ever thought about all the work of sewing clothing by hand for your family and household let alone piecing a quilt for every bed?  Back in the 70's, I hand pieced one quilt.  All the seams at the intersections of the seams have popped apart after a few years of use and washings.  Not a pleasant sight and certainly not what you want happening.  It was a queen sized error on my part as I found out my stitches were not tiny enough.  So a machine that sews well and consistently is a wonderful thing.  The ladies of Sew So Easy also have some cute ideas for St. Patty's Day.  Most of them look quick too so you could whip them up for yourself or grandkids.   I've been eyeing up that Easter Egg too and the Bunny.  Maybe it will warm up someday so the rabbit will decide to come to northern Wisconsin.  We have snow outside this morning.

I know I've showed us Diary of a Quilter before but Amy is worth a frequent visit.  Her articles on the projects she's working on or finished are inspiring as are her tutorials.   Such good ideas here.  Her shop with patterns should be looked at, most are available as instant gratification PDFs.

Happy Quilting Melissa is a great place to visit and every Tuesday she has a giveaway!!!  So comment on her post about that and maybe win something.  Melissa has tutorials and more tutorial, (love the Star Spangled runner) and videos and patterns for sale.  So spend some time looking about.

I was going to upload some photos from our show but blogger and my computer don't like each other today so I will try another day.  It's a snow day so do some sewing!


  1. Just went to Diary of A Quilter and got all inspired by the Star Baby Quilt....have it cut out and ready to start sewing!

  2. Yes, that's the one I want to make too!!