By Laws & Committees

By-Laws 2004

The name of this organization shall be Pine Needle Quilters. The Pine Needle Quilters logo
shall be as shown above. The logo shall not be used for commercial purposes.

Section 1 To stimulate interest in, perpetuate the art of, and educate the public about the
art of quilt making.
Section 2 To encourage the sharing of information, ideas and methods pertaining to quilt
making, to inspire and motivate our members and the community.
Section 3 To sponsor educational activities for the public related to quilt making, i.e.,
lectures, discussions, shows, workshops, seminars, etc.
Section 4 Maintaining communication with and supporting quilting functions of area
Section 5 Exhibiting the cultural and historical values of the quilt art to the community
and to the general public.

Section 1 Executive Board: The activities of the organization shall be managed by the
Executive Board which shall consist of five (5) members. The Executive Board
shall be: the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Past-President.
Section 2 A Board member must be a paid member and an officer.
Section 3 The Executive Board shall be elected by ballot and serve the same terms as in
Article III, Section 7.
Section 4 A Board member may resign from the Board by writing a letter of resignation
giving one month’s notice.
Section 5 Procedure for removal of an Officer shall be as follows: A Written motion for
removal must be presented with due cause for removal, then seconded at a
regularly scheduled meeting. Motion to be followed by secret ballot voted on
by general membership, counted and announced at same meeting. Voting
results to be determined by a majority of members present at regularly
scheduled meeting at which a quorum exists.
Section 6 The filling of vacancies to the Board will follow the same procedure as the
election of Officers.
Section 7 OFFICERS: These Officers shall be elected by ballot as set forth in The Duties
And Responsibilities of Officers and Committees, and shall serve terms as
A. President- one (1) year term/ one (1) year as Past-President
B. Vice President- one (1) year term
C. Secretary- one (1) year term
D. Treasurer- one (1) year term
Section 8 Officers shall serve without compensation of any form.
Section 9 An Officer may resign from the Boars as in Article III, Section 4.
Section 10 Procedure for removal of an Officer shall be as in Article III, Section 5.
Section 11 The responsibilities of all Chairpersons are as set forth in the Duties and
Responsibilities of Officers and Committees.
Section 12 A Chairperson may resign as in Article III, Section 4.
Section 13 Procedure for removal of a Chairperson shall be as in Article III, Section 5.
Section 14 Officers may succeed themselves for one additional term.

Section 1 All individuals interested in the art of quilt making are eligible for membership.
Section 2 Membership in this organization shall be limited to dues paying members only.
A. Dues are payable at the beginning of each fiscal year. (May through April)
These are payable by May meeting or member will be notified as a reminder.
Member will be dropped if dues are not paid by June meeting.
B. Dues shall not be refundable.
C. Dues may be changed by the Board with the approval of the majority of the
D. Guests are welcome to attend two meetings. Attendance at third meeting
requires paid membership.
E. Membership shall be limited to seventy five (75) members due to facility
limitations. A waiting list will then be established on a first come, first serve
Section 3 Members who attend meetings are entitled to vote on all issues presented.
Section 4 Members shall receive a copy of the by-laws, and a membership list, which may
not be used for commercial purposes.
Section 5 Removal of members: Members may be removed from membership with cause
including but not limited to failure to pay dues. Removal must be approved by a
majority of the Board and member whose removal is being considered shall
receive notice of that action and an opportunity to redress the problem.

Section 1 The President shall appoint a Chairperson for the Nominating Committee in
February and that Chairperson shall serve as set forth in The Duties and
Responsibilities of Officer and Committees.

Section 1 The annual meeting of members for the election of Officers and such other
business as may come before the meeting shall be held at the April meeting
prior to the regularly scheduled general meeting of the fiscal year. Notice of
this meeting to be given at the March regularly scheduled meeting.
Section 2 Newly elected Officers shall assume duties at the May meeting.

Section 1 All committee chairpersons may be Board members and are appointed by the
President to serve for a one year term, unless a new President requests that they
serve for another year, and they are willing to do so.
Section 2 Ad hoc committees, appointed by the President, will serve only for the time
required to accomplish the purpose of the committee.
Section 3 The Board may dissolve an ad hoc committee at any time deemed desirable.
Section 4 The committee chairs report any activities within their committees to the
members of the Board.
Section 5 Standing Committees are: Program Committee, Membership Committee,
Community Service Committee, Ways and Means Committee, Communications
Committee with Newsletter, Education Committee, Hospitality committee,
Publicity Committee, Historian. Duties will be as set forth in The Duties and
Responsibilities of Officers and Committees.
Section 6 These committees include persons who are non-Board members and any act of
any committee which has members which are non-Board members shall be
advisory, shall not bind the Board or organization and shall be subject to Board
Section 7 Other committees can be appointed by the President with the approval of the
majority of the Board when deemed necessary.

Section 1 Meetings of this organization shall be held monthly.
Section 2 Cancellation of any meetings may be made by the President with the approval of
the majority of the Board.
Section 3 Board meetings shall be held at least once a year or as necessary.
A. Date to be established by the President.
B. A joint Board meeting of the in-coming and out-going committee chairs and
elected officers shall be held prior to the first regularly-scheduled general
meeting of the fiscal year.
C. Notice will be given at the regularly scheduled general meeting prior to the
coming Board meeting.

Section 1 Special meetings of the members or the Board for any purpose may be called at
any time by the President or any member of the Board. Such meetings of the
members shall be held upon not less than 10 or more than 30 days’ notice given.
Such meetings of the Board shall be held upon not less than two (2) days notice
given personally or by phone. Such notice shall specify the time and place of
the meeting.

Section 1 A quorum constitutes a majority (more than half) of all its members. For voting
purposes, a majority of the members present will be considered sufficient to
conduct business.

Section 1 Neither members or Officers shall receive any fee, salary or remuneration of any
kind for their services in such capacities, provided, however, that Officers or
members may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred with approval of
the Board upon presentation of vouchers.

Section 1 All proposed commitments of organizational funds and/or services must meet
with the approval of the majority of the Board.
Section 2 Any optional activities (i.e., workshops, bus trips, classes, etc.) shall be self sustaining.
Activities open to non-members would require additional fees.

Section 1 Parliamentary authority shall be governed by the current edition of Robert’s
Rules of Order, when applicable, and when not inconsistent with these by-laws.

Section 1 The fiscal year of the organization shall be May 1 through April 30.

Section 1 Amendments may be proposed by any member upon one month’s advance
notification of the proposal.
Section 2 The President, with the approval of the majority of the Board, may appoint an
Ad hoc committee to study the by-laws and make recommendations
Section 3 Approval of the amendments and/or bylaws requires a quorum of the
membership to be present at the regularly scheduled meeting at which this
proposal is presented.

Section 1 No contract or other transaction fees between the group and a member of the
group shall be allowed unless for supplies purchased for presentation and
subject to Board approval.

Section 1 Upon dissolution, after payment of all debts, no part of the remaining assets may
be distributed to any Officer or member of the organization but shall be
distributed as the By-Laws may direct in accordance with law, provided,
however, that the distribution must be to another organization, exempt under the
provisions of Section 501 c of the United States Internal Revenue Code for a
public purpose to be determined by the Board.

(Accepted 02/16/2004)

Committees of Pine Needle Quilters: Duties and Responsibilities

Standing Committees

*Shall be chaired by the Vice President.
*Shall plan and arrange for monthly program.
*Shall introduce speaker as necessary.

*Shall collect membership dues, and give to treasurer for deposit.
*Shall issue membership list, membership card and any other materials necessary to members.
*Shall maintain a waiting list if necessary.
*Shall make a welcome packet of information and give to new members.

*Shall plan workshops.
*Shall obtain workshop descriptions from as many teachers as possible for classes that might prove of interest to Pine Needle Quilter members.
*Shall be responsible for special events and “basics” reinforcement programs.

*Shall greet members and guests at the door.
*Shall keep an attendance record at general meetings.
*Shall have name tags available for members and guests.
*Shall have a suggestion box at each meeting.
*Shall facilitate “Show and Tell” at each meeting and make sure the quilts are held up and shown.

Ways and Means
*Shall devise various means of fund raising, subject to the approval of the Officers.
*Proceeds of all fundraisers shall be deposited to Pine Needle Quilters banking account.
*Shall submit an annual written report to the President and Secretary.
*Shall participate in planning the annual budget.

*Shall be a volunteer or appointed member.
*Shall be responsible for maintaining a history of the Organization, programs, newspaper articles, photos, and any items of interest.

Community Service
*Shall initiate and direct community service projects with the approval of the Officers.
*Shall maintain a list of community service quilts available at given time.

*Shall be responsible for making contact with the public to adequately advertise benefits and Special Activities as need arises.

*Shall provide communication with members as directed by Officers or Executive Board.
*Set up and update as necessary a Phone Tree.
*Send out newsletters to members without internet, the members will supply self addressed, stamped envelopes.

Newsletter and Blog
*Be responsible for monthly newsletter.
*Be responsible for blog maintenance.

*Shall help set up parties for the group, as approved by Board.

*Shall plan ideas and themes for the parties.

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