Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I fixed the link to the Quilt Inspirations blog that was in the last post.  Sorry about that but sometimes I think my computer hijacks what I enter!  Anyway, I think it should be ok now and you can enjoy that link.

I also found a really great site called Homeberries.  Jenny B. does beautiful photography and paintings but you will just love her embroideries too.  After looking at her photos, go to her Freebies and check out all the embroideries organized by category and season.  There is bound to be something you love.   Diana

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weekend Inspiration

As quilters, we find inspiration everywhere.  Nature, patterns on buildings, beautiful floors, our pets, children and their wonderful, effortless art and of course, other quilters.  We all have experienced the "high" of having just experienced a quilt show. 

Quilt Inspiration is a great blog , just like having gone to a quilt show.  It is a large site, it takes my computer a while to load it up so don't get too impatient because its worth it.  The whole sidebar of the blog has links to just a lot of lovely quilts and patterns.  Each blog entry is entertaining, I loved the one with the Celtic knots which is a recent blog entry.  Also, the quilts from the Houston show are great as a featured item.

Lark Crafts is also super.  It covers the full circle of crafting with jewelry, knitting, collecting, quilting and even some cooking ideas.  There are a lot of free patterns and also great articles to read.

Bustle and Sew is just the cutest magazine and I've not heard of it before!  Their blog is nice, you can check out what they are about and they also have a library of free patterns.  The elephant quilt is wonderful.

Quiltscapes Quilting has a tutorial on raw edge and machine applique with several techniques in full detail.  Also a lot of good ideas and inspiration.  Have a great weekend.  Diana

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Raffle Quilt

Isn't our raffle quilt beautiful?!  I thought I would put a photo of our raffle quilt "Autumn Beauty", on a post so you could all get a closer look.  Sheila did a wonderful job of planning  the raffle quilt.  Thank you to her and all of the ladies who worked on the quilt, from planning, to paper piecing the blocks, assembling, binding, and attaching the sleeve, and getting the raffle tickets ordered!  Tickets will hopefully be ready by our February meeting.

Autumn Beauty

Quilt Detail

Remember, if you would like to look at the quilt a little closer, you can click on the photo to enlarge.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


How many of you have ordered from Clotilde catalog?  When my children were young, Clotilde was my place for all things snappy, buttons, zippers, tracing wheels, all the stuff I used for sewing their play clothes.  It was a well used catalog.  The woman behind Clotilde was Clotilde Robison Lampe.  In the 50's, she discovered items that made sewing easier and since she was a lecturer, she started to promote them.  Her Clotilde company introduced us to many many new products and I think her glass head pins are still the best!
She died on November 28, 2011.  I really didn't know there was a "real" Clotilde behind the name of the company until just recently.  Clotilde continues to offer new quilting devices and patterns to us in addition to all the sewing items.  I still love to browse through her catalog and think about all the stuff I could be sewing.  Diana

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Views of Old Quilt Collections

There are a couple organizations that I like to look to for information about antique and older quilts.  The Quilt Index is a wonderful place to spend hours.  They have pictures of collections of quilts with descriptions and dates and who owns or made them.  There is just a lot of information at the Quilt Index.

The Alliance for American Quilts is another great site.  They have a contest right now called Home is Where the Heart Is as a fundraiser.  There collections are linked with the Quilt Index.

Craftsy is a place for crafty people.  They have information and links about many crafts including quilting.  They are doing a BOM which is being called the largest BOM ever with over 40,000 people signed up!  Craftsy Bom is here.  I also found the embroidery and jewelry to be nice too.  Have a nice evening.  Diana

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More for the "To-Do" List

The Viking Company has a great educational program called America Sews which many quilters probably have viewed on public tv.  In addition to their tv program, they have a list of all their series and you can access instructions for the projects in each show.  There is just a ton of information there and even if you don't have a Viking machine, you can adapt and use the one you are familiar with.  So if you do see a show but can't take notes fast enough, go and check out their site for the rest of the information.

p3 Designs is having a BOM that is applique.  You have to sign up for the site to get access to the free BOM (its easy and not invasive) and then go the Forum and you will see the 2012 BOM in the forum with fabric requirements and first block posted with is a beautiful plumeria.  After that, you better check out her lovely pattern designs as they are most impressive and those who applique will get itchy fingers after looking at them!  Very impressive. 

Crazy Lady Quilt Designs will truly make you crazy with all her enticing designs.  I put a couple of her projects on my to do list already.  She is currently sponsoring a Four Block Wonder BOM which is really pretty.  Her snowman applique quilt is too cute and theres a lot of snowman to make for those who love snowman(which I know there are many fans of)!  My favorite though was the Cupcake-A-Day blocks with the recipes included for all those cupcakes, blueberry, cranberry, Kahlua, and the list goes on.  The blocks are sweet too and theres more BOMs to check out and quilts.  Such a generous sharing of all that creativity.
Anyway, these fine blogs and sites should keep you busy for a while.  Diana

PS  Did you see how Fine our raffle quilt looks?!!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

2012 Designers of the Month for Aurifil

Aurifil is having a Designer of the Month featured on their blog.  Every designer is contributing an original embroidery design for you to download and finish.  Two blocks are now available, one is for a Snow Bird and the other is Snow Men, both are adorable.  You can find them at Auribuzz, the blog for this company.  I might have to try these.

There is a short update on the Pine Needle Quilt Show page.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Last Call for Retreat

Deanna and Sue are putting out the last call for our retreat.  You have until February 10 to let Deanna know if you want to join our group for the retreat on March 8,9,10 & 11 at Waubee Lake Camp.  You can come for one day or all days, its up to you but you must let Deanna know and they are willing to work out the days you can make it.  Also, they need to schedule meal needs and have to plan that. Contact Sue or Deanna for more details.  Its sure to be a great time with a great bunch of gals.