Pine Needle Quilters Show Information 2016

October 1, 2016   Pine Needles Quilt Show 

Making a Sleeve for your Quilt to hang:

The sleeve should be about 4" across the opening for the pole to slide through.  To get this, cut a piece of fabric the length of the quilt x 8 1/2".  Hem the short ends of the sleeve and check to see if its too long  or just right.  Then put right sides together and sew the long way all the way across.  Turn and press lightly.  To make the sleeve hang right without a huge lump on the front when you sew it on the quilt, you will need a little "ease " in the sleeve. To get the ease, put your machine on basting stitch as long as you can get and sew about 1/2 " from the long edge, all the way down again.  Now you are ready to hand baste on the back of quilt.  Unless this sleeve is permanent such as for a wall hanging, I use larger stitches to sew this down and it won't take very long.
Pin the sleeve evenly from edge to edge of top of quilt, go down from the top at least an inch to 1 1/4" if your quilt is less than 84" long.  Otherwise, measure up from bottom of quilt and pin the top of sleeve about 84" from the bottom.  Now hand stitch or baste it down.  Try to stay straight too.  Now take out the machine basting stitches that allowed your ease in the sleeve.  They should pull out very easily.  Save your sleeves from year to year or if you plan on entering competitions.  Many of our quilts we make are similar in size and can work on various sizes of quilts. If you have any questions, I can bring a sleeve to our meeting and show how its done too.  Diana Napier

Early Quilt Entry Prize

Every show year the guild encourages members to get their entries in early so we know if we have plenty of quilts or need to put a shout out for more entries.  It's also nice to have all the labels made ahead of time.  This year the early entry deadline is the August meeting so please get them in if you can and be eligible for a random drawing which is usually a gift certificate to a quilt shop.

This is our 2016 Quilt Entry Form. 

Please use the sliders on the side of this form to move up and down. 


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  2. Hi: I do demonstrations of quilt repair and renewal. Would that be useful for the quilt show in October?