Friday, November 8, 2013

Houston Quilt Festival

The Quilt Show has a wonderful slideshow of the winners at this year's Houston Quilt Festival.  Get a cuppa something and sit back for pictures of the beautiful quilts, it's kinda like being there.  I saw a lot of hand quilting and some traditional techniques to make some not so traditional quilts, like the kangaroo quilt.  I found that pretty amazing.

Ok, we all have an ironing board.  What does yours look like?  Are you proud of it?  Cotton Way had an ironing board makeover project and posted the winner.  I certainly love the organizer for the ironing board too.

Me and My Sister Designs has a whole lot of free patterns.  They have a lot of ideas. Take a look at all their patterns, there's a lot to love. Have a great weekend.  Diana

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  1. The quilts from the Houston Quilt Festival are just unbelievable, thanks for sharing. Like the iron board covers. Mine isn't quite as bad as the first one but have had some that bad already. lol