Monday, November 4, 2013


Who doesn't like those fluffy little circles of fabric we call yo-yos?  They inspire us to make entire quilts of them or to just add a few(or many) to embellish a quilt or a jacket.

Sew Take A Hike has a nice two part tutorial on the yo-yo. She shows how to use the Clover yo-yo maker.  Part Two show how to sew them together with a sewing machine.  I liked that idea as it can become tedious to sew them all together by hand.

Wild Flowers has a photo of a lovely white quilt with yo-yos  attached to the top.  This is such a sweet and clean look. Isn't this bedwarmer sweet?  It is from Annie's E Patterns. And you don't have to make thousands of them to make something nice.  I think everyone has seen this photo of Amy Butler's Bloom Quilt but I had to put it in this post.  It is just too yo-yo like to leave out.

Angry Chicken posted an over the top quilt from a Japanese magazine.  What a combination this is.  This pillow from MadMin is so pretty too.  Just scroll down a bit and look for that pillow.  Hope you enjoyed these creative uses of yo-yos and have a nice sewing day.  Diana

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