Friday, December 20, 2013

Eye Catching Quilts

Maria Elkins lovely blue Teacup Quilt really caught my eye. The fact that it was a guild challenge is interesting as I've always found the challenges to push me into new directions. The Teacup Quilt's monochromatic theme is really beautiful and is an often overlooked way to coordinate fabrics.
Throwing in a bit of spring fever by showing you this apiary quilt called Honey Honey.  It's just the cutest and wouldn't it be the greatest way to use up some scraps.  This quilt is designed by Kate Spain for Moda.
The next one is called Flying Colors II by Laurel Burch. These are some pretty butterflies and once again, it could be a great scrap quilt.
I may have featured this last year but it is just so cute so take a look at Red Brolly's Christmas Wish Quilt. Each block is cuter than the next.  The Santa is my favorite. But who wouldn't love Brutus opening the gifts. This reminds me of a dog we had who opened all the cherry cordials under the tree while we were at a Christmas program.  She ate them all and even left the little paper cups behind, luckily she went outside and got sick or I think all that chocolate would have killed her!  Just one of those Christmas memories I guess.
Take care and have a great weekend.  Hope you have your shopping done.  Santa's workshop,in my house, is still busily assembling and sewing and embellishing.   Diana

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