Friday, December 27, 2013

It's Over and Now What Do We Do?

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and had a wonderful time with family and friends.  Now that it's over, it's a great time to slip on some boots and go for a walk and clear the head.  Of course, the fingers can suffer from the cold so go check out ARMOMMY for a diy on sewing finger warmers.  I think the grandkids would benefit from these and so simple.

For the perpetually organized, I would love these pouches for patterns that you have printed from the internet or just for those you have lost the bag for. Zaaberry has a nice detailed tutorial for these.(and so pretty too)  For those welcoming babies into their families, these hats are so sweet. Love the one with the ears.

Okay, I love anything using charm squares and this is as cute and fast as it can get.  These corner bookmarks are just the greatest.  Craft Buds has the tutorial for these, kids would love them, grandmas and any reader would appreciate them.  Many e-readers were received this Christmas and how about a pouch for them?  And where did they find the polka-dot zipper?

Have a great weekend.   Diana


  1. I did have a wonderful holiday with my family and then southern friends. Thanks for all the work you put into our plog. I will be making the handwarmers for Joan her hands a freezen. The plastic pouch is wounderful for shopping trips, put pattern and sample fabric in and off I go.
    Thanks again, Sheila H

  2. Thank you. We are just getting over our holidays too and a good one it was.