Friday, December 6, 2013

November's Show and Tell

Hope you enjoy these photos from our last months Show and Tell!  You sure are a busy bunch of ladies.  It is a long one, so enjoy!
OK, I think??? the above quilt is a soldier quilt made by Maggie?

Above and below, Deb has been very productive making charity quilts, Christmas quilts, and baby quilt!

Busy, busy Deb!

Also Deb has made a couple really cute and snugly floor mats for baby!  How sweet!

Above Toni models new hat.

Above Toni with her "Funky Tree", and below with a darling Sun Bonnet Sue quilt.

Kathy S. brought in a very large Double Wedding Ring quilt that she made for someone who ordered it at our quilt show last fall.  What a lot of work, and so striking!

Above Joan shows her Christmas tree wall hanging.  Below is quilted detail of frog that sits at base of tree!  The tree will be adorned with froggy ornaments!

Above Joan shows the bag that she made from a recycled denim dress.  She used the lovely existing embroidery to her benefit!  Below Carol shows her weekender tote.

Above Carol shows a 3 Yard Quilt, and below a very sweet Sesame Street baby quilt.


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