Friday, November 1, 2013

Sheila's "No Measure" Binding Tutorial

There are many different types of quilters aren't there?  And, with that said, I am sure that there are many different techniques that we use to join our binding ends.  At our October meeting Sheila showed us her no measure way to join binding ends.  This method will work no matter what width you cut your binding strips.  To help refresh your memory, we have put together a photo tutorial. 
First when you are making your binding press your beginning binding (shown in red) on a 45degree angle as shown above.  When you begin sewing on your binding, leave a 10 inch (or so) tail.  This will allow some slack to be able to join your ends later.  Stitch your binding down around your quilt, stopping a foot or so from your beginning binding.

Next, take your ending binding (which is shown in the cream floral print), and insert it into the beginning binding.  Fold your end binding over even with the edge of the beginning binding as shown.  Crease the fold.

 Okay....don't be afraid when you see the scissors.  Just go ahead and cut the end binding where you creased it!

Now put your binding ends right sides together as shown.  Be careful not to twist them. Line up nicely and pin together.  You will see where you ironed the crease in your beginning binding.  How convenient, this has now become your stitching line!  Just stitch on the line.

Finish stitching your binding down.  You have successfully joined your binding ends with no measuring!

Thumbs up!  You did it!
Sheila & Laurie


  1. Thanks Sheila for demonstration, you did a great job. So glad it is on the blog for a reference.