Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sweet Easter Project

Easter is coming up, can you believe it with all the snow thats being predicted for us?  I'm not ready for another storm but I don't think Mother Nature cares if we're ready or not, kinda like childbirth.

There is a nice blog called Red Brolly that has a very cute Easter project made especially for those who love to embroider.  You can look at it here .  The blog is very well done and worth taking a look around, its done by a lady named Bronwyn Hayes and I think she's from Australia.  What a great name she has.  You will enjoy looking at the project even if you don't have time to embroider it.

Another blog that I enjoy is Tall Grass Prairie Studio by Jacquie.  She has a lot of tutorials down the right side of her blog which include a fun looking Wonky Logcabin Pillow, Starry Forest Tree skirt and Pocket Change Quilt and much more.

Stay warm and happy quilting.

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  1. Thanks Diana for another great sites with many, many other sites to go into. I have spent a LOT of time on these and so many are just ausome. Many, many ideas and endless things to view.
    Not sure how you find them all, but I know I sure to enjoy everything you have posted. Again, thanks. Evie