Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Judy's Hen House

Our guild had a pincushion contest this month and Judy S was the winner with her delightful cluster of chickens.  Each was unique and named and pretty funny. 

Blogger finally let me post two of the photos she sent me, one was rejected by served with and ! exclamation mark, whatever that means.  The whims of the internet continues to confuse me but I feel happy to get these two for you.  If anyone else has photos of the pincushions that they'd like to share, please email in and thanks.

Stay warm and stay safe in this current snow storm, don't you just love it?


  1. Judy...your flock of hens are simply so many of the pin cushions were....wonder where you found the pattern. Happy Quilting. Evie

  2. They are just too cute. Congrats.