Friday, March 4, 2011

Even more Show and Tell

Here are two quilts by Leah G. being held up by Marge since Leah was unable to attend but we were sure glad she sent her quilts!  These are part of her 2.5" strips projects and they both were stunning.

 Barb V. showed us two quilts, one was an Over the River and Through the Woods embroidered masterpiece.  What a labor of love and then one called A Ribbon Runs Through.

 Carol showed us a great springtime quilt called The Egg Came First.  Just cute with embroidered chicken tracks in the border.
Sue G. finished up her Calendar Quilt and then really jazzed it up with sunflower applique.  It made it truly unique.
 Judy S. displayed her her pint size quilt, I call them her "Big Littles" as it takes a big amount of time to make such a little quilt but what terrific results!  The Pint Size gals are quite organized and get a lot done.
I believe this is Judy's BOM by Earlene Fowler from 2002, feels good to get that one done too I bet. 
 Here is Judy's Community Service block quilt, really nice.
 Karan V showed us a couple of her purses that she completed.

 Also Karan had a lovely tablerunner.
 Here she is showing her Bear sweatshirt designed for the purpose of taking walks out by her place which happens to be populated by quite a few bears...
This is Karan's spectacular Amish Quilt that she made with panels, quite a way to use panels!  It was very graphic and interesting, loved all the black bars of this quilt.
Bold Kathy T. displayed a a colorful and fun quilt done in bright batiks, she said it was sewed by her daughter Jenny and herself as a joint venture.  This reminds me of summer for sure.  No such luck with our snowy weather though.  Hope you snowbirds are happy!
I would like to get a couple pictures of the runners from Deanna's retreat as I was in the pictures and unable to take them so could someone send me them via our email?  Also, I forgot to get photos of the pincushion contest, my bad...but maybe someone took some of our cute pincushions at least of the winner who happens to be Judy S.  Congratulations on her fine flock of hens that gave us all a laugh.  There were some really creative cushions shown.  Now I only need pictures. 


  1. All of you ladies have been so productive! Keep up the good work! Laurie