Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cluck Cluck Sew or How Do You Feel About Chickens?

I thought that title might get your attention!  But really, CluckCluckSew is a nice blog with a good many tutorials that you might like.  Just click on Allison's tutorial button and she has an Easy Double Hourglass quilt, the Orange quilt looks interesting and that fall Pillow with all the leaves is great.  She also has some other block patterns for wonkyblocks and fun stuff.  There is also a section with her patterns that are for sale.  Not sure about the clucking part, but chickens are comforting little critters so maybe that's it or probably she has her own flock.

Whats with the cold this morning?  We had -0, I guess thats worse than just 0...its just plain cold again.  We are dug out from the snow but the driveway is rough.  Freezing, then thawing, then mud, then snow, then freezing.  Not a good thing for driveways.  My husband says I'm the ultimate optimist as he sits surrounded by little tomato, brocolli and basil plants and we have two feet of snow blowed around us.  I don't think its optimism, I'm just a little hopeful thats all.  Hope you all have a great Sunday and spend a little time with your tomato plants too.  Diana


  1. I like the Easy Double Hourglass quilt. If I try it, I think I will starch my fabric to help avoid the stretching that could happen once the diagonal cuts are made.