Friday, March 11, 2011

Why Do We Quilt?

This is a topic I've been thinking alot of lately.  As waves of political chasms sweep our state, world disorder seems to be the norm and now natural disaster strikes yet again, this time in Japan; I beat a hasty retreat to my upstairs and the sanctuary of my sewing room.  It looks like chaos in my room but I can reach over and find the fat quarter that I knew was there, the pattern that I needed today and that pincushion with just the right needles poked in it.  There is a great relief in my organized disorganization and after all, I am in charge in this place. I control the fabrics, the colors, my choice of threads and what I will put my time into.  With one sweep of my hand, I can dismiss one project and happily start another.  I can't think of anywhere else I can do this, so I think that is why I quilt.  Not to make wonderful quilts for my family (though that is a great side effect of this obsession), not to use up my stash or even totally as a creative outlet.  I think I like the control, I am the queen of my little quilting kingdom!

So that is my weekend question.  Why do You quilt?  Are you the queens of your little kingdom too?  Please leave some comments as I think it will be really interesting to read responses.
Diana, Queen of the Realm of Tangled Threads and Tiny Scraps


  1. One reason I quilt is because it keeps my hands busy, otherwise I'd probably weigh 400 lbs. But also agree it does have to do with control. So many things in our personal life we cannot control and seem to stress about. So nice to have a finished project and it just makes you feel good.

  2. The more I quilt, the more I seem to be drawn toward the more artistic aspect of quilting. I take the most pleasure in drawing and drafting my own "creations". I seem to enjoy the challenge of taking an idea that I have and turning it into something beautiful. I find satisfaction in that.
    Laurie I

  3. The main reason I quilt is because I had a "friend" who was very adamant on just having me try to make a lap quilt. I caved. Just pick out 3 fabrics I was told. That took about 10 minutes. From there with the help of her sister, mother and alot of patience a budding quilter was born! From that lap quilt turned into a queen size quilt I haven't looked back. A sincere thank you goes to Laurie, Diana and Kathy without those three who knows what I'd be doing!!!!! Deanna

  4. How did I become to enjoy quilting...thanks to my Grandma. She taught me how to sew - how to quilt - how to knit along with many other things. I came to love fabric at a very young age. I found I love to work with my hands and see something accomplished. I have been at it several years but continue to learn each and everyday. And what a great group we have to keep us going.......thanks to everyone. Evie

  5. I quilt to keep sanity in my life. The process of sewing gives me a moment of relaxation and calmness to each day. Quilting gives me a sense of purposefulness and meaning and there is nothing like the sense of accomplishment with a finished quilt. Rhoda

  6. Thanks for posting your comments. They are all a wonderful reason to quilt and stay connected to our families.