Friday, March 25, 2011

Some weekend patterns to view

I was checking out a site and found these.  The collection put out by Lecien has some terrific patterns, I'm crazy about  the Flower Sugar Woodland Fairies wallhanging and the Lanterns pattern.  Also, the one called From Little Things looks fascinating.  Has anyone used the Cosmo embroidery thread that they feature?

What are you working on this weekend?  Has the snowfall inspired you to start something new, finish up projects, or just get a bit depressed?  I'm trying to finish up projects but looking at my messy sewing room is depressing, got to get out some of those new beautiful bright spring colors.  My granddaughter had her seventh birthday and so I put together her sewing basket.  My other granddaughter helped me pick out fabrics from my stash for her, frogs and flowers, kitties, pet shops, ducks and rainbows, all excellent advice from another seven year old.  Also giving her a first pair of "real" scissors, the razor edge part of the description on the package has me squirming a bit but she's responsible and eager to cut.  No rotary cutting yet, not sure when to start that, what's a good age.

Happy Friday Night!  Some of the bloggers do a Friday Night Sew In and then they post about what they've been up to and get accomplished on that night.  Maybe thats something we can do too?


  1. I have been working on making bindings for 8 different quilted items....I plan to get the machine sewing part of the bindings done, so I can get to the hand sewing part later as time allows.

  2. Again, thanks for that neat you say that "Woodland Fairies" so nice and the entire pattern right there....Cosmos embroidery thread..never heard of it before. What fun a hand embroidery project would be.
    I am trying to get at my "patriotic" quilts and get them finished before getting into something else. Since Joannie's presentation, I am inspired to do a "Dresden Plate". In fact, looked for white on white background fabric (found none) and then all black/white prints for the dresden plates.....
    A Friday night sew in sounds fun and productive.
    Happy Quilting everyone........Evie

  3. Thanks for the new site to get free patterns, they are really nice. Ran two off and my to do list keeps getting longer and longer. Have to try to finish a couple UFO's before starting anything new. Hope to get back into the sewing thing but haven't so far after our vacation.