Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Winter Woes and Keep Quilting

The Quiltmaker's Block Network has some new episodes.  This one is on working with selvages and how to make them into blocks.  Another episode is about making flying geese components.  If you look right above the videos, they have an index of two seasons of their videos, just in case you missed some and want to catch up.

I love embroidery, I'm not good at it but I sure can admire it.  Here is a wonderful website with hand embroidery for costumes for a tv show.  Really amazing stuff. Michele Clapton is the artist behind these pieces.

15 Signs you know you're a quilter, provided by Quilting Daily.  You should go down to the comments sections as the readers are adding more signs.  I think I have all of them and I know I've definitely washed my fabric before dirty laundry!

More snow, I'm losing the will to live...and Thursday is supposed to be another mess.  Stay warm and keep shoveling your roof!  Diana

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