Thursday, February 20, 2014

Russian Quilters and Tokyo International Quilt Show

I found a Russian website featuring the Tokyo International Quilt Show from 2012.  Just because it's from a couple years ago doesn't make it less interesting.  Click on each picture and it makes it larger and much prettier to look at!  Also, do you see the purse that is the pattern that Marge demonstrated last month?  It look very nice as a purse or tote, don't you think?  Here is the Tokyo Show from 2014.  You will enjoy this one too.  Evidently, Russian quilters love going to the Tokyo Show and who wouldn't?
The Russian site also have an exhibition page with a lot of links. Remember to push your translate button so you can enjoy in English unless you can read Russian.  You really should look at the Horse Exhibition that they did as a contest, they had a lot of entries, each more beautiful than the other.  That's all I'm put up today as you can spend hours at the Association of Russian Quilters, I'm so impressed.   Diana

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