Friday, February 28, 2014

Embroidery Dreams

Clover and Violet have a very detailed and wonderfully done tutorial called Embroidery 101 which will teach you a lot about hand embroidery and then provide you with the patterns each month to practice with. They tell us about the supplied, transferring designs and how to do many stitches.  They have some cute projects, especially for babies.  Also, check out their patterns.

Once you get hooked on embroidery, you must make a special bag to hold your supplies and you can just take your project anywhere you go.  Sew Sweetness has just the nicest bag for this. It even has separated compartments for your floss and the embroidered front panel definitely let's you know what it's meant for.  Great project.  She has just a ton of bags and projects to try, where do you start?  Here is also her pattern shop with even more projects.

It was 22 degrees below zero this morning.  And the next couple weeks look little better.  My husband delivered gas to Ontonogan MI this week and said he met three zombies up there.  If you don't know Ontonogan, it's at the end of the world on Lake Superior, a lovely place for sure, but really far away from everything.  This weather can certainly take it's toll on the best of us.  Keep up your spirits and look at your seed catalogs.  Diana

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