Friday, February 7, 2014

Wall Street Journal

What would it be like to be featured in the Wall Street Journal?  How about if you were a quilter and featured in this prestigious financial newspaper?  Well, Missouri Star Quilt Co. was and it's star, Jenny Doan, showed how to take an idea and then turn it into something really great.  I love the fact that her idea helped out the small town where she lives.  The article is here and is inspiring.
Then, Jenny has started her own magazine about quilting.  It's called Block and you can add it to your order of fabric from her company or subscribe to it. You can also subscribe via email to her newsletters and daily specials which are special!  It is so good to hear about a success story and I thought we should all know about it.  Everyone have a safe and fun weekend.  Is anyone dreaming of their garden like I am?  Diana


  1. Thanks, Dianna for finding this article about Jenny and the MSQC. Didn't realize she has only been doing this 5 years, wow they have accomplished alot, good for them.

  2. Yes, I think she is very inspiring and her precut ideas about quilting has allowed many people to find time to quilt. Diana