Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Places to See

Blue Elephant Stitches has a great tutorial for one of my favorite traditional patterns, Jacob's Ladder.  She has it done in some fantastic colors that will get your creativity and quilt envy going.  This is the first link to the pattern, just go to tutorials and there are two more steps to her tutorial.

My Three Sons has some great ideas for cathedral windows and many smaller projects too.  Maybe we could use up some scraps and also some great ideas for small gifts.

I'm a Ginger Monkey has some great ideas for scraps including a strip pieced Granny Square and an interesting one called Scrap Vomit.  Sounds like my scrap bin... Actually this blog is called Monkey Do but the link comes up as I'm a Ginger Monkey, interesting names.   Anyway, check out some of her pillows too.

Heather from Olive and Ollie has a lot of tutorials, some simple, some more complex.  I would have a hard time choosing where to begin.

All of the above quilters are having a give away at this time for an eBook with their quilts in it.  So sign up for the eBooks too.    Stay warm.

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