Sunday, January 27, 2013

Monday Meeting Reminders

Just a reminder that our meeting was rescheduled to Monday, January 28th.  We hope that you will all be able to attend, and hopefully the roads will be all cleared off for our travel.
Deanna wanted you all to know that the guild is tentatively planning a bus trip to the Prairie Heritage Quilt Show in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin on Monday, April 8th.  In addition to the quilt show, there would probably be a couple stops at quilt shops along the way....imagine that.  Remember this is just in the thinking stage right now.  What Deanna would like you to do before tomorrows meeting is to please check your calendars to see if you would be able to go on the bus trip, just so the board can get an idea of how many people thought they could go.  There will be discussion on this potential trip at our meeting.

Other reminders for the meeting:

We will start to sign up for our "Summer Picnic/Lawn Chair" party, which is scheduled for Saturday, March 2nd.  (so again, check those calenders to see if you are free!)

Backing for soldier quilts is available at the town hall, so if you are in need of some, please bring your yardage requirements, and we can get that cut for you.

Look forward to doing my demonstration on the "X" Quilt and seeing you all tomorrow night!

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