Monday, January 23, 2012

Totally Pinkie

Until I got my granddaughters, I didn't even think about the color pink!  Now I adore it and when you see this sewing machine, well, if you got some money left from a tax return, you could be tempted. The Old Sewing Machine Man has a parts for old sewing machines, fixes them and this could especially be handy for all you Featherweight devotees.  Go to Machines for Sale page and scroll down until you come to Pinky, the magenta Featherweight .  Now I'd like to carry that machine to sewing sessions!  Also, that red one right below it ain't too shabby.  What fun stuff with a Featherweight that probably was pretty banged up.

This pink machine got me thinking about quilts of course.  Leisure Arts is just a great publisher and has a Pretty In Pink book.  Pink is the color for anything related to breast cancer so I thought you might want to take a look at Bayside Quiltings contribution to the cause.  They know how to do it right and have a lot of fun too.

These Google Images for pink quilts will blow your mind.  Google Images is one of my favorite ways to look for ideas and it gathers them for you all in one spot.  I just did one for purple quilts now.  All of these quilts are amazing and this is a wonderful tool for you to look for color combinations and you can check out each quilt individually.  Sometimes its an original design, sometimes theres a pattern for sale.

This Starlings pattern by Quilt Dad is not pink but I just liked it.  Looks like a lot more fun than flying geese...

Have a safe day as the roads must be slippery today.  Diana


  1. Honestly, I never thought I needed one of these
    little machines, but the more I see, the more I
    think I need one.......what beauties they are.
    I look at the blog everyday and what great sites
    you girls come up with. I enjoy them all.
    Thanks so much. Evie

  2. Pinkie is just too cute but unfortunately so is the price. There are some nice sites that you found again Diana.

  3. The Old Sewing Machine Man, John is who I got my machine from He and Debbie came to our campground and did a demo on careing for your sewing machine and Debbie had a class on quilt as you go. Real nice people.