Friday, January 20, 2012

Cabin Fever

Wow, the quilts from Laurie's last post are just wonderful!  Who would think that a lot of scraps and orphan blocks and such would turn into such beauties!

The winter was going okay until this week and now suddenly, with this cold weather, cabin fever has set into my life.  Whats the cure?  I've been dragging out all my scraps and cutting them, pressing them, sewing them into odd quilt tops but now I just have more UFO's!  My granddaughter cleaned my sewing room for me.  She did a really good job and worked really diligently while I was at our community service day.  It was my birthday present from her, I admire her determination as it continually overwhelms me.  She even cleaned inside my desk drawer and found a lot of stuff I didn't know I had.  Sadly, a lot of the room looks messed up again as we spent the weekend sewing together.  She will be up in the morning before me and in there sewing.  Another quilt addict.

I have been spending some time on the computer to find inspiration and theres a lot out ideas out there.  I also went through out page called Fun Places to Visit and revised that and made it easier to understand I think.  With Valentine's Day coming up, I visited Judy Murrah's blog for her beautiful Valentine hearts pillows.  I see that she sews with her lovely granddaughters too.  Judy's pillows look nice and simple and would make gifts for our sweeties. 

Pleasant Home is a great scrap lovers blog.  She is having a scrap along project and you can take a look at their weekly progress.  You have to go to Week 2 and click on her scrappy Dresden plates.  Holy cow, I love them!  Also, she has a lot of tutorials all organized by season or holiday.  Wonderful place to visit.

If you want to feel ashamed, go to Stolen Moments.  Just scroll down to see all the projects she finished in 2011 which includes 13 quilts!  And all the other stuff.  Beyond impressed.  I really love the ambition of these younger quilters, the future of quilting is alive and well.

Wild Olive is fun.  Scroll down to see her really cute snowman but wait till you see her knitting with a fork!  I've not seen anything like it yet. 

Sew Sweetness is just full of information.  Scroll down a bit to her Frou Frou bag for a very detailed tutorial on it.  It is sweet.  Also, in her tutorial page, she offers numerous bags, a quilt called Farm Fresh (cute and summery) and also 30 Day of Sewing Back to School.  This has links to thirty different blogs where they give advise and sewing tips from basic to whatever on sewing and quilting.

Fresh Lemons is a wealth of quilting ideas.  Right now she has links to other wonderful quilt blocks and quilts posted.  She also has a series going called Solstice Stars.  If you check out her patterns, she has some for sale and some for free, they look great and very full of color.

Sew Hooked  just posted a group of Project Linus quilts.  She also has many paper pieced patterns in her free pattern section.  All kinds of animals and such and would be great fun for you paper piecers for sure.

Thats all I have for now but hey, I feel better already just looking at all the lovelies in these blogs.  Stay warm ladies and have a great weekend.  Diana

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  1. Diana, you are so lucky to have your granddaughter addicted to quilting and helping you out. Thanks for all the time you spend looking at new sites. That scrappy dresden is gorgeous.