Tuesday, January 17, 2012

10- Minute Block Book Review

Last night at our meeting I, (with the assistance of Deb..thank you!) did a book review on 10-Minute Block by Suzanne McNeill.  If you are looking for a block that is fast and fun, but looks like you spent a lot of time sewing it, this would be for you!  The 10 minute block is made of 5 squares, but only takes 3 seams to assemble!  When you sew your 3rd seam, and then open your block to reveal, you will see that a little "magic" happened, and the center block is all of a sudden on point!  Just a little top stitching, and you can achieve the look of a cathedral window.  The book has various setting options, and each option has yardage and cutting instructions for various quilt sizes, which is nice.
Suzanne has a nice  tutorial here on the 10 minute block if you would like to check that out.  Suzanne is a very creative lady and has other books available.  One being 10- Minute Block 2, that Deb had used to make her soldier quilt from.  If you would like to check out Suzanne's blog, and all of the fun things she is doing do click here.  I would recommend this book to any quilter.

Here is the basic 10 minute block, made into a table topper.

Deb made a soldier quilt using the 10 minute block book.

Laurie also made a solier quilt.  A fast, easy and fun way!

Laurie made a table runner, using a larger center block in the design.

Deb made this soldier quilt using half square triangles, as shown in the 10-Minute Block 2 book.

Thanks again to Deb for her help with this book review.  It is always nice to have more samples to show you.  I hope you are inspired to give this book a try!
Also, Diana had put a post on the blog this morning as well, so if you missed that, you can check that out below.  (I think my post kind of burried hers a bit!)


  1. Laurie and Deb you two did a great job of the 10 Minute Block. Thanks for your time and it is great to see so many samples.

  2. I missed your demo, Laurie and Deb, but it sure
    looks great and easy. Must look for that book.
    The site is great also. Thanks for all the ideas
    you give us on our blog.....it is the greatest.

  3. Sorry I had to miss your demo, you did a great job thanks for sharing, went to suzannas tutorial loved it this book is a must going to look for it at The Villages Quilt show this weekend. Thanks again Sheila