Monday, April 18, 2011

Town and Country Quilters Show

Memoribilia and Facts From Civil War
Some Pine Needle Quilters made the jaunt to Pulaski to see the Town and Country Quilters Show which had a Civil War theme.  As usual, the Pulaski ladies put on a great show and displayed great hospitality!  Laurie and I had our sister-in-law from Wyoming visiting and she was pleased to be able to see a show while she was visiting us. 
A great display of Civil War information was displayed with attention paid to Wisconsin's contributions to that war. 
The quilt displays were inspirational and the vendors lured us in.  Several of us succumbed to packets of fat quarters that were 18 for $20.00!  We could not resist...and the colors were so luscious. 
There was also a couple who were dressed in authentic period clothing.  How did they live in those hoop skirts and that wool uniform would be ok in Wisconsin for eleven months of the year but what did they do down South?  They were very charming and the lady was doing crafts or handwork that would have been happening during that time period.  She had some interesting tools that I've never seen before.

Anyway, thank you to the ladies from Pulaski for a nice day and outing. 


A local Civil War Hero Was Featured

Authentic Garb

Some of our members plus Linda from Wyoming

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  1. Looks like a great quilt show and that everyone bought a little something. What a fun day!