Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Square Deal Mystery Quilts

Many of our members have been working on a Mystery Quilt this past winter.  Some members are starting to finish up their tops.  Five of them appeared at our Show and Tell.  We all received the same patterns, but with the different use of color and block lay out, they all have there own look!  Some members chose to make more blocks and make larger quilts.  They are all lovely!  Congratulations to those of you have finished the tops, and for those of us who are still working on them, aren't you inspired by these beauties? 

Peg's finished top.

Toni's top.

Deb's red, black and white.

Maggie's block lay out is unique, she had some in put from her husband.

Joanie's quilt is already finished...she must have connections with her quilter!

I will be posting more of our show and tell in the next few days, as we had a pretty impressive one this month.


  1. Thanks Laurie for the pictures, it is amazing how different they all look. Thanks again Deanna for the pattern.

  2. Thanks want a wonderful mystery quilt this was and fun to see the differant ways it came together, mine it still just a top and my be for some time, need to talk to Joan about HER quilter. HE HE HE!!! Thanks Deanna your so special your always willing to give more and more. Sheila