Thursday, April 28, 2011

Paducah Winners

The show has started in Paducah and here is a link to the winners!  You can check out all the beautiful quilts that won and I guess we wish we were there.  Bad weather has hit Paducah this year though.  They have shut the flood gates in town and many venues had to be moved.  The quilts are in the big white tent this year and the vendors are spread out in many areas but the show will go on.  Hopefully, the bad weather is over for them and the rest of the South.

Laurie and I have a niece, Megan Zeman,also Kathy's granddaughter, who is a student at Mount Mary College and she is a whiz at fashion design, jewelry design and just about any design!  We are so proud of her and she is one of several talented young ladies participating in a contest for Milwaukee's LifeStyle Magazine.  The link will tell you a bit about the contest and we hope you will vote!  I am hoping we can get Megan to come up for one of our meetings and have a runway show of her designs and tell about the design process too.  A lot of her clothing involves some quilting and applique in the design.

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  1. Wow, what some beautiful quilts!!! Some look like they took all year. Thanks for sharing Laurie. Are any of the gals going next year submitting quilts?