Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More May Show & Tell

Here are still more of the lovely quilts brought in by members for our May Show and Tell.  Enjoy!
Malea proudly shows a quilt her mother, Dolly made (with help from Toot's).  Malea's father was a logger, and the quilt has pictures of the woods on it for him.

Judy show her Round Robin quilt that she and members of her FDL quilt guild made.

This is a festive Mardi Gras table runner.

Here is the Mystery Quilt by Judy.  What a neat lay out.

One of Judy's many "mini's"!

This quilt has many musical notes on it, and was made for Judy's nephew.

I apologize if some of my photos are a bit blurry, as the sun was shining in and causing some problems for this not so perfect photographer!

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