Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Page for Our Blog

I went back through our blog and created a new page called Nice Places to Visit.  It has the links of all the blogs and websites that we have featured in our regular postings.  Now you can go back and visit all those places again without going through the whole blog and remember, these people update their blogs and sites regularly so you will probably find new things.  A nice, fast way to keep up with some of those wonderful quilters. 

The list is long!  I'm impressed with all the "looking" we've done.  As for myself, I know I will never be able to do all those projects but isn't it nice to see what everyone else comes up with?  I am always inspired by someone else's work and it kinda energizes me onto some new creativity.  I will try and keep the page up to date regularly and hope you've enjoyed it.


  1. Great idea Diana. It will be much easier to view that way.

  2. You girls are doing a fantastic job of our blog. Again, thanks so much. I do go on a LOT of the websites and all are just ausome.........never enough hours in a day for sewing projects. You have given us just "endless" information and inspiration.