Sunday, January 30, 2011

Leaving a Comment

Thank you for the interest in our blog!  Several people have mentioned about leaving a comment and figuring out how to do it.  If you're not used to visiting a lot of blogs and commenting, this could be foreign to you but its easy.  At the bottom of each blog post, you will see  comments.  Click on that and it will open up to a box where you can type your comment.  Then you will have to pick how you will post your comment by clicking on the window right below your comment.  It will show you  Google account, Typepad, etc and anonymous.  If you have a gmail account, you have a Google account and you can use this to sign in and comment.  If you have no accounts set up, you can still comment by simply doing it anonymously.  Please put your first name in the comment section though so we know who you are unless you truly want to remain anonymous!!  A scrambled word thing will come up for you to enter, thats to keep spam off of our comment section and yes, they do spam blogs too.  Then you can post your comment.  Its not too hard and you can use the comment area to add some info if you'd like or just pump us up with a lot of praise.   Diana


  1. This is my first attempt at leaving a comment, anywhere.

    Great job ladies.

    Kathy K