Friday, January 28, 2011

Bobby Socks Quilt Company

If you haven't checked out Bobby Socks Quilt Co , please do so.  She has some lovely designs and is nice enought to offer a BOM to do in redwork or bluework or blackwork or whatever "work" you're into.  I have downloaded all my months but I think she will take them off shortly and they will no longer be free.  For 2010 it has been all about fairytales and they are as cute as can be.  So check out her site, take her virtual house tour too as its very neat, and then click on free redwork and you can download those patterns.  I'm not sure if she will offer a new BOM this year but if she does, we will add a link on our sidebar.   Diana


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  2. Thanks to Laurie and have done a great job and so many interesting sites to go to. I am sure everyone will enjoy it. Lets hope everyone will participate and add to what you have going.
    Thanks to you both.