Sunday, January 30, 2011

Announcement from Deanna regarding February Sewing Session

We will be having our Sewing Session on February 7 starting at 1:30 pm.  Deanna asks that this message be passed along to those who are attending this month:

I will be bringing sloppy joes to the sewing session.  Can others bring something to go along with this?  Send me a reply with what you'd care to bring and I'll keep a list so we have a variety and not that everyone brings the buns!!!!   I will also have the plates, forks, napkins, but bring your own beverage.  Also if there are others that I don't have in this e-mail please pass the word and have them get back to me.  Really has been a dry spell of seeing everyone with having the weather not cooperate for the last meeting.  Hopefully that will change.    Deanna

So if you are bringing something for the session, email Deanna.  Thanks.

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