Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pine Needle Quilter's Celebrate 10 Years

Pine Needle Quilter's are still going strong after being in existence for 10 years!  The first organizational meeting was held in the Lakewood Library Meeting room...the room was filled to overflowing!  And, so began our quilt guild.
Members celebrated this 10 year milestone with a dinner, games, raffles, beautiful potted plants for door prizes, photo show and lots of fun, laughs and good food.  Thank you to all of you who helped in anyway to make our 10 Year Celebration Party such a success. 

Group photo of members attending the celebration.

Members played bingo using buttons and bingo card blocks that they sewed.  Peg reports that there were 62 blocks donated, and she will be able to sew them into 2 quilts for soldiers.  Thank you!

Members were asked to bring in a baby (or childhood) picture, and then we tried to match members to their photos!  What a "cute" bunch of kids!

Speaking of "kids", we also formed up into teams and played a wild game where we each had a balloon tied to our ankle.  Everyone tried to pop our balloon....last balloon left was the winner.  Hopefully everybody's toes are still attached?
Watch out Lois!  Leah is coming for you!  If you weren't there, doesn't this look like we are having a dance?

Members also brought in quite a few soldier quilts.
Quilts will be walked in the Mountain Memorial Day Parade on Sunday.
Then on Memorial Day, they will be displayed at Tabor Church, in conjunction with the Memorial Day Cemetery Service.

The first 25 quilts will go to the VA hospital in Milwaukee.  The remaining quilts will go to deployed soldiers.

Right now this years count on quilts for soldiers is 54, and I know that a few more will be coming in. I will keep you posted on the final count. That is really a nice number of quilts ladies, thank you so much.  I am sure they will be most appreciated by those who receive them.  Peg said when she told Karen(the lady who we have given our quilts to the past couple years) that we had over 50 quilts...... she cried. Happy, grateful tears no doubt. 

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  1. Can you believe 10 years we have been quilting together so many friends sharing with each other. Great celebration thanks to all who played a part.