Thursday, March 7, 2013

February's Featured Book

At our February meeting, Deb did a wonderful job telling about the book  5- Minute Block by Suzanne McNeill.  She showed many options of many quilted items you can make by using this fun and fast block.  As you can see, the "flying goose-like" block can be used in many different ways! 
A pretty quilt top.

The sides of the flying goose type block form a neat pocket to put your Christmas cards in!

The block can also be made with a curve, which looks really neat in the table topper above, as well as the quilt below.

Deb had fun using this block on the cuffs of a couple pillow cases.

Wow, and a really striking use on a valance for her home.

A nice accent for a comfortable pillow.

The block could also be arranged to make a flower, or star like block.
Thank you Deb for showing us so many ways to use this really versatile block.

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  1. Nice job Deb, will be back some to enjoy our meeting. Thanks for sharing.