Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Some Lovely Ideas

Bijour Lovely Designs has just the cutest sewing partner, you can see his cute little face with her sewing machine.  I was also admiring her collection of X Blocks and she has some nice tutorials like the Kaleidoscope quilt and the Bejeweled Block and much more.

Fiberofallsorts is a member of the Daisy Jane Bee Block blog hop and has a block tutorial for that.

The Dining Room Empire is also participating in the Bee Block Blog Hop and has a block.  I also loved her tutorial on ChopSticks on the sidebar.

If you like selveges, you'll have fun looking at Around The Block Designs projects with them.  Very cute

Will the cold weather never leave?  I was told it's supposed to get warmer after today.  Stay warm and keep stitching.  Diana

1 comment:

  1. Good Morning.........just hope everyone is enjoying all these sites as much as I am.......
    They are just so good.....Keep up the good work. Not sure how you come up with all of them.
    My thanks to you and Laurie for all of this.