Thursday, February 14, 2013

Strawberry Fields Forever

Happy Valentine's Day!  Hearts are all over today and isn't it an interesting shape?  I hope you get to play a bit with your sewing (it would do your heart good) and use the heart shape in something.  I think I'd like to try that heart shaped wristlet that was in a previous entry.

Spring fever has hit me bad and I've been buying strawberries and dreaming of those wonderful June berries that are so smushy and juicy, not those hard nuggets in the store at this time but a little sugar helps most things.  I saw this shopping bag and it was just the most clever.  It starts out as a bag and pulls itself into a little strawberry shape!  It ends up being very tiny, just the right size for a purse.  This Craft Passion website has a lot of projects and you might end up spending much time there. Here is a whole bunch of Valentine projects from Craft Passion.  If you go down the page a bit, they have a link to each of the twenty projects, pillows to cute little girl twirly skirts..  Have a good one.   Diana

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