Wednesday, July 25, 2012

You're Invited To Attend

Suring Historical Society
The public is invited to attend and encouraged to bring their own quilts to “The History of Quilting” talk on August 21 for the Suring Historical Society meeting at 7 p.m. in the Library meeting room.
Rhoda E. of the Pineneedle Quilters will be the moderator. Quilts made over the last 100 years will be displayed. Present-day quilts and modern techniques will be shown. Rhoda’s Grandma Adra was an expert Kansas quilter and her quilts will be a part of the display 56 years after she passed on in 1956.
This program was presented to the Mountain Historical Society in July and a wide variety of quilts were on display. Attendees brought their family quilts and stories too. Sheila  and Joan showed their mother, Velma's  quilts, made over her lifetime from age 30 until age 96.

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