Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mountain Historical Society Talk

July 17 we gathered with the Mountain Historical Society for a talk on “The History of Quilts”. I was the moderator and began with old worn out quilts one of which was the Swastika design which you all will remember. It was originally called ‘Fly Foot’ and was an ancient symbol of good luck which Hitler took as his sign and will be in the annals of negativism for our lifetimes. It is rarely seen since WW II but I have one my Grandma Bartz made many years ago – 20’s or early 30’s I would say.

I was going to explain how a quilt is made but so many people in the audience were our quilt guild members so that would have been redundant. I talked about HOBO quilts and Underground Railroad quilts but no hard evidence to date that Underground RR quilts truly existed.

Then I showed Grandmother Suemnicht’s ‘Grandmother’s Flower Garden’ quilt which she started in the 30’s ( she passed in 1935) and I finished and it is longarm quilted so combines the Old and the New.

Two signature quilts – one from Grandmother Adra Ebersole made in 1930 with her Ladies Aid names on it and one I made in Mason City in the 1980’s

Following that were some more of Adra’s quilts and my quilts including some new techniques with batik fabrics and photos printed on fabric.

Quilt guild members brought quilts we admired - Joann, Peg, Donna, Leah, Carol, Marge, Mary, Lois's daughter, and others in the audience including Dolly who brought a framed piece from a very old quilt that I would say was a Civil War era quilt. It was awe inspiring to admire and appreciate all the work put into these items.

Highlight for the event was the quilts Joan and Sheila Hixon brought of their mother Velma's,  which she made from age 30 to age 96. She passed last year and July 17 would have been her 97th birthday.

A big “Thank you” to everyone that contributed to the event.

Finally Marge has a quilt frame available from a friend if you would like one.

The friend also donated quilts that will be the middles for the Tabor quilts for Lutheran World Relief.

I am moderating another session with the Suring Historical Society on August 21 at the meeting room in the Library on Main Street.  All are welcome to attend.

Submitted by Rhoda 


  1. We had a great time, thank you for allowing us to share our Mothers quilts and thank you for all your work putting the program together.

  2. Rhoda did a very good job and was so nice to see so many PNQ members attend. Many compliments were given. Deanna