Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weekend Inspiration

As quilters, we find inspiration everywhere.  Nature, patterns on buildings, beautiful floors, our pets, children and their wonderful, effortless art and of course, other quilters.  We all have experienced the "high" of having just experienced a quilt show. 

Quilt Inspiration is a great blog , just like having gone to a quilt show.  It is a large site, it takes my computer a while to load it up so don't get too impatient because its worth it.  The whole sidebar of the blog has links to just a lot of lovely quilts and patterns.  Each blog entry is entertaining, I loved the one with the Celtic knots which is a recent blog entry.  Also, the quilts from the Houston show are great as a featured item.

Lark Crafts is also super.  It covers the full circle of crafting with jewelry, knitting, collecting, quilting and even some cooking ideas.  There are a lot of free patterns and also great articles to read.

Bustle and Sew is just the cutest magazine and I've not heard of it before!  Their blog is nice, you can check out what they are about and they also have a library of free patterns.  The elephant quilt is wonderful.

Quiltscapes Quilting has a tutorial on raw edge and machine applique with several techniques in full detail.  Also a lot of good ideas and inspiration.  Have a great weekend.  Diana

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