Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quilt Ideas from Everywhere

There are just so many wonderful views and ideas about quilting and they come from everywhere.  Inspired by a quilt at a Japanese quilt show, the Japanese X block tutorial done by Amy is a great way to  use up those bold and bright scraps.  I love the way you can use all types of fabrics with this one.

This quilt tutorial for a Corner Block Quilt brought to mind our soldier quilts.  Would this make a great one? Lisa's bold idea for the quilt caught my eye and I also went down the sidebar and check out tutorial for Jenna, another lovely quilt.

A not so masculine but really lovely quilt was the Garden Fence Quilt from Hyacinth Quilt Designs. I really saw a lot of fabric options with this one not just the modern fabrics shown.  Its really appealing.  Hope you enjoyed visiting these places as much as I did.   Diana

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  1. Have made copies of the patterns. Like you said they would be very nice soldier quilts and you could use scraps. Thanks for taking the time to look at all these sites to give us these patterns.